• Oticon Opn Hearing Aids Save Christmas for Santa Claus

    Somerset, NJ
    6. December 2018

    With elves making toys and holiday music on repeat, Santa Claus’s workshop is a noisy place this time of year.  When Santa noticed he wasn’t able to hear the soft voices of children visiting his bustling workshop, he sought a solution to improve his hearing in time for Christmas.

  • Oticon, Inc. Donates $10,000 to National Breast Cancer Coalition to Celebrate Success of 2018 Oticon “Hear in Pink” Campaign

    Somerset, NJ
    14. November 2018

    Oticon celebrated the success of the 2018 Oticon "Hear in Pink" campaign with a $10,000 donation to the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC).

  • New Oticon Opn™ Custom Solutions Round Out Complete Line-up of Opn Choices for Veterans Affairs Administration

    Somerset, NJ
    12. November 2018

    Oticon continues to close another gap to normal hearing for US veterans and active duty military service personnel with the newest Oticon Opn™ Custom hearing aid solutions.

  • Oticon Kaizn, World’s First Personal AI Assistant for Your Ears, Wins Two 2019 CES Innovation Awards

    Somerset, NJ
    9. November 2018

    AI-powered tool learns to automate hearing aids settings based on wearer's preferences and behavior.

  • Groundbreaking Research Discovers Previously Unknown Function in the Ear That Delivers Vital Information to the Brain

    Somerset, NJ
    18. October 2018

    Findings may help professionals learn more about individual hearing loss, lead to more precise diagnostic equipment and revolutionize personalized hearing aids.

  • Oticon Celebrates Winners of the 20th Annual Oticon Focus on People Awards

    Somerset, NJ
    16. October 2018

    Thirteen exceptional individuals recognized for challenging hearing loss perceptions.

  • OticonNEXT Conference Takes an In-Depth Look at "What’s Next" in Hearing Care and Hearing Solutions

    Somerset, NJ
    15. October 2018

    More than 700 hearing care professionals from across the US attended the Oticon NEXT Conference, held October 12-14 in Orlando, Florida.

  • Oticon Launches HearingFitness to Help People Improve Hearing Health

    Somerset, NJ
    12. September 2018

    The world’s first hearing fitness tracker monitors and analyzes the impact of hearing on overall health.

  • Oticon “Hear in Pink” Campaign Partners with Hearing Care Professionals to Promote Hearing Health and Breast Cancer Awareness

    Somerset, NJ
    6. September 2018

    Since 2007, Oticon, Inc. has joined with hearing care professionals nationwide to support breast cancer awareness and life-saving research during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • OtiCongress 2018 Gives Hearing Care Professionals Opportunity to Combine Professional Development and Humanitarian Good Works

    Somerset, NJ
    21. August 2018

    OtiCongress 2018, held August 8–16 in Anchorage, Alaska, created a unique platform for hearing care professionals to combine professional development with the opportunity to put their professional expertise to work to benefit Native Alaskan children and adults.

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