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Oticon: A world leader in hearing care since 1904

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The industry’s most advanced center for hearing instrument technology

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Oticon Hearing Foundation

The non-profit Oticon Hearing Foundation aims to foster a ‘community of caring’ among hearing care professionals that empowers them to bring sustainable hearing care to people in need and communities around the world.

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  • Oticon Opn Brings Internet of Things That Matter to IoT World Conference

    Somerset, NJ

    21. June 2017

    More than 12,000 industry thought leaders, professionals and investors attended the 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) World Conference, held May 14-17 in Santa Clara, California.
  • Got Teens? Oticon Opn Gives Teens the Confidence, Connectivity, and Cosmetics They Want

    Somerset, NJ

    19. June 2017

    Oticon, Inc. is opening a world of sound to teens with the expanded Oticon Opn™ portfolio that incorporates the popular DSL rationale and a new miniRITE-T with telecoil for FM access.
  • Oticon Opn Now Offers Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Tinnitus Relief Sounds

    Somerset, NJ

    13. June 2017

    Award-winning Internet-Connected Opn™ hearing aids allow wearers to hear better all day while staying connected, streaming music, listening to TV, checking the weather, and more.
  • Oticon DRIVE Marketing Conference Equips Hearing Care Professionals for Practice Success

    Somerset, NJ

    12. June 2017

    More than 125 hearing care professionals from across the US participated in the 2017 Oticon Drive Marketing Conference held June 9 - 11 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
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