Hearing Care is Health Care

Hearing Care is Health Care™

Hearing care is an important health issue, and you play a critical role in delivering the right solution for each patient. We’re committed to helping people recognize the value of investing in a customized health care solution in consultation with hearing health care professionals. Together, we can empower people to not just hear better, but to live better.



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  • Oticon Opn™ sound quality
    now available in custom styles


    Opn continues to expand with the introduction of five new in-the-ear styles. Now even more users can be fit with the small custom hearing aids they desire without compromising quality, reliability and performance.

  • Introducing
    Oticon Siya


    Oticon Siya is a new, comprehensive essential family of hearing aids built on the ultra-fast Velox™ platform, powering advanced technologies such as 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy connectivity, high-resolution sound processing and super-fast multiband adaptive directionality. 



Oticon Technology

  • We hear with our brain.
    Not our ears.



    BrainHearing™ is based on the fundamental observation that speech understanding is a cognitive process.  BrainHearing insights lead to breakthrough technologies and powerful and efficient signal processing platforms to bring these insights to life.

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  • The groundbreaking
    Velox™ platform



    The key to the capabilities of Oticon Opn and Siya instruments lies in the speech and processing power of the Velox platform. The technologies supported by Velox, including ultra fast noise reduction, makes it possible to provide an open soundscape, even in complex environments and significantly improve speech understanding.

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Oticon Research

How Oticon takes the future of hearing care to the next level

We’re committed to providing you with the most relevant products that support cognitive health and improve quality of life. Ongoing research helps to ensure we’re delivering on that promise — by giving us insights into patients’ needs and guiding the innovation of our core hearing technologies. Validating our technology through research is crucial because untreated hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline, a fact that elevates hearing care to an important health care issue.

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