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Eriksholm Research Centre (ERC)

Centered around the needs and well-being of patients, the Erikshom Research Centre in Snekkersten, Denmark collaborates closely with leading global academic institutions. This collaborative effort is dedicated to exploring effective ways of addressing hearing loss in the long-term, leading to remarkable audiological breakthroughs with the potential to profoundly enhance the future of hearing care.

By seamlessly integrating Eriksholm’s pioneering psychoacoustic research with Oticon's state-of-the-art engineering capabilities we consistently introduce innovative products rooted in our BrainHearing™ Technology. This integration positions us as industry thought leaders, and drivers of future hearing healthcare advancements designed to empower your patients.


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    Eriksholm Research Centre

    Learn more about our commitment to audiological discoveries in hearing health.

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    Separate by Design

    Hear about Oticon's unique BrainHearing philosophy from ERC's Senior Director, James Harte.

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    Groundbreaking Research

    Learn more about Eriksholm's current research initiatives.

Oticon Research

Oticon Hearing Foundation

Fostering a community of caring

Established in 2010 and funded by donations from Oticon, Inc., the Oticon Hearing Foundation seeks to unite hearing care professionals in a community of caring to increase access to sustainable hearing care for impoverished people and communities around the world.

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The proof behind Oticon Real™

Research indicates that the brain needs access to all sounds in order to work in a natural way. The innovative technologies and unique features built into Oticon Real support the brain to help deliver the full sound scene for patients.

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