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Oticon provides hearing care professionals with solutions, tools, and techniques to help you offer every child with hearing loss a better future.

complite pediatric hearing care from Oticon

Complete Pediatric hearing care for ages 0-18

Pediatric hearing care and services don’t stop at age 10 or 12. We offer products and support materials for babies, children and teens through age 18! Oticon Pediatrics offers Hearing Care Professionals a variety of high-value services:

  • Free SafeLine retention devices for BTEs and miniRITEs (great for sports!)

  • Extended warranties for instruments purchased for children

  • 48 hour in-house turnaround for in-warranty repairs 

  • Replacement fee waived for loss & damage replacement 

Why go anywhere else for pediatric hearing care?

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Got Teens?  

“Fitting teens with instruments they’ll actually wear” was identified as the biggest challenge among pediatric professionals in a recent Oticon survey about working with teenagers. As the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid, Oticon Opn™ should be your new go-to instrument for teenagers:

  • 360° open sound experience with less noise and more speech

  • Discreet cosmetics and a comfortable fit

  • 2.4 GHz wireless streaming to iPhone and Android smartphones

  • New ConnectClip for easier participation in class
Learn more about the benefits of Opn for teens


Because every child is unique

Oticon’s  hearing aid for children — Sensei — empowers children with hearing loss from infant to teenager with high speech understanding. Because every child is unique…

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Sensei SP

Sensei Super Power provides children with powerful amplification and more speech details than ever before

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Connectivity to support the child in all of life's situations

  • connectclip-382x382

    New ConnectClip

    Turn Opn hearing aids into a hands-free headset to stream calls, music, movies and even the teacher’s voice from any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

  • amigo-fm placeholder

    Amigo FM

    Amigo FM is a broad family of Hearing Assistive Technology to overcome obstacles of noise, distance and reverberation in the classroom, and is compatible with virtually any Oticon BTE (except Opn).

  • connectline-intuitive-operation

    Streamer Pro

    Streamer Pro is the heart of the ConnectLine system, a series of devices that help children connect to a variety of communication and entertainment applications and is compatible with all Sensei and other wireless Oticon BTEs (except Opn).


Oticon ConnectLine

Keeping children connected

ConnectLine is a gateway to wireless communication, transforming Oticon hearing instruments into personal wireless headsets. Phone conversations, TV, music, computer and more can be streamed to wireless Oticon hearing instruments with ease.

Oticon Connectline for children


Make transitions easier for children, teens and young adults

For children and young adults with hearing loss and their families, transitions present additional opportunities and challenges. By reflecting on where they are now and where they are going next, they can begin to think about their short and long-term goals and learn to plan the steps they will take to get there.

For hearing care professionals, the Transitions Management online tools from the Ida Institute offer an effective way to help children, teens and young adults reflect on how they are doing and where they are headed.

You can use this information to structure conversations in the appointment and explore effective next steps and strategies with them.

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The pediatric mission

At Oticon we work hard every day to help you as hearing care professionals create a better future for every child with hearing loss.

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