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At Oticon we work hard every day to help you as hearing care professionals create a better future for every child with hearing loss.



Because Every Child is Unique

Oticon’s new hearing aid for children - Sensei – empowers children with hearing loss from infant to teenager with high speech understanding. Because every child is unique…

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Introducing Sensei SP

Sensei Super Power provides children with powerful amplification and more speech details than ever before

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Oticon ConnectLine

Keeping Children Connected

ConnectLine is a gateway to wireless communication, transforming Oticon hearing instruments into personal wireless headsets. Phone conversations, TV, music, computer and more can be streamed to wireless Oticon hearing instruments with ease.

Oticon Connectline for children

Connectivity to support the child in all of life's situations

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    Amigo FM

    Whenever noise, distance and reverberation are present, even the best hearing instruments need an extra FM boost.

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    Streamer PRO

    Streamer Pro provides an interface with wireless inputs from landline and cell phones, TV, and ConnectLine Microphone.


The Pediatric Mission

At Oticon we work hard every day to help you as hearing care professionals create a better future for every child with hearing loss.

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News and Press

  • New Study Shows Oticon Speech Guard Helps Deliver Sound Information Children Need for High Speech Recognition


    6. August 2015

    A new study shows the adaptive-compression scheme found in Oticon Speech Guard provides a beneficial alternative to traditional fast wide dynamic range compression.
  • Oticon expands its lead in the high-end segment setting new standards for speech intelligibility and natural sound


    17. August 2015

    Global launch of complete high-end product family based on new wireless platform
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    27. August 2015

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