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Oticon hearing aids are built on the philosophy that better hearing starts with the brain, because it’s the brain that processes and makes sense of sounds. Oticon Real represents the latest evolution of this philosophy by giving the brain access to all relevant sounds, in balance, with exceptional detail and clarity.


It’s important for hearing aids to meet your patients’ demands

Sudden, disruptive sounds affect more than 7 out of 10 hearing aid users*, making it difficult to stay sharp and focused — especially when engaged in conversation. Oticon Real is designed to help with this challenge and keep patients engaged.

In addition, new research demonstrates how Oticon Real gives even more benefits for your patients by providing more comfort and speech clarity in wind than three leading competitors.***

*Gade, P., Brændgaard, M., Flocken, H., Preszcator, D., & Santurette, S. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer — Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.
**Compared to three premium competitor hearing aids. Effect size depends on wind conditions and hearing loss configuration.
***Zapata-Rodriguez, et al. (2023). Improving comfort and speech clarity in wind – Oticon Real, new competitive benchmark .Oticon Whitepaper.


Outperforms top competitors in comfort and speech clarity in windy conditions*


We have conducted new technical measurements using Oticon Real on a HATS (head-and-torso) simulator against three top competitors. The aim of this research was to examine comfort and speech clarity in the wind. Research shows that Oticon Real provides:

• 13 dB less wind noise
• 1.5 dB higher signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio
• a 6-11% improvement in access to speech cues in moderate wind
• 20% to 41% lower predicted loudness of wind

These results speak for themselves — Oticon Real provides better listening comfort and access to speech in windy situations than all three top competitors.

*Zapata-Rodriguez et al. (2023). Improving comfort and speech clarity in wind - Oticon Real, new competitive benchmark. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Real Veterans. Real Comfort.

  • Oticon Real hearing aids with SuddenSound Stabilizer (SSS) technology were tested on a group of military Veterans in Denmark.
  • The study found the technology reduced the brain’s response to abrupt sounds by 19%* with SSS On vs Off.
  • With SuddenSound Stabilizer On, the subjects subjectively rated the instruments 18% more comfortable and 22% less irritating.*

*Eskelund, et al., 2023 SuddenSound Stabilizer for veterans. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Proven to reduce listening effort

In the real world, it can be hard for patients to focus on the sounds that matter most in the moment. In a recent clinical pupillometry study, participants were presented with a series of sentences interrupted by sudden sounds. Oticon Real showed a 22%* decrease in the listening effort when SuddenSound Stabilizer was active. Additionally, there was no impact on further speech understanding, indicating that speech is not compromised by SuddenSound Stabilizer.

*Based on a 22% reduced mean pupil size as compared to the highest mean pupil size.


Proven to significantly improve speech clarity

With so many soft and loud sudden sounds occurring at any given time, it can be hard for patients who are in conversations to access speech with precision and clarity. In a new technical study analyzing performance in the presence of sudden sounds, Oticon Real clearly outperformed Oticon More™, producing better speech-weighted SNR values, resulting in improved speech clarity in the presence of sudden sounds. With its new SuddenSound Stabilizer, Oticon Real also demonstrated the ability to catch and accurately process 70% more sudden sounds compared to the previous technology in Oticon More.*

*Santurette, S., Brændgaard, M., Wang, J., & Sun, K. (2023). SuddenSound Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Outperforms top competitors at managing wind noise

We used one of the largest university-owned wind tunnels in the world* to conduct a clinical study in which hearing aid users blindly compared Oticon Real with two leading competitors at moderate wind speeds of 6 m/s. The acoustic infrastructure of the tunnel prevented turbine noise, allowing us run consistent tests with high repeatability to ensure accuracy of the data.

The results revealed:
• Wind noise: Competitor 1 was 22% louder than Oticon Real**
• Speech clarity: Competitor 2 was 17% less clear than Oticon Real**

*The Poul la Cour Tunnel.
**Gade et al. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Proven to reduce handling noise versus top competitors

We have tested our Wind & Handling Stabilizer feature against two top competitors to measure how they performed at managing handling noise. To do this, we used 12 handling audio events, for instance - brushing microphones, over two trials. Handling movements were performed as naturally and consistently as possible. The results showed that handling noise in Oticon Real was up to 14 dB lower than Competitor 1, and up to 19 dB lower than Competitor 2.*

*Gade et al. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper. 

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