Fitting tools for professionals

Oticon Fitting Tools for Professionals

Fitting LINK

Convenient wireless programming

The Noahlink Wireless universal programmer works seamlessly with our Genie 2 fitting software for easy fitting flexibility. This programmer can be used with Velox S™ and Velox ™ platform instruments and is used exclusively to program Polaris™ platform instruments.*

*Except Oticon Own hearing aids without 2.4 GHz Bluetooth®

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REM AutoFit

Streamline verification

REM AutoFit is an intuitive tool that allows you to complete the REM verification process efficiently while maintaining high quality control over the fitting.

REM AutoFit works with your Verifit system using Audioscan’s built-in software interface, Verifit®LINK. And Verifit’s ProbeGUIDE™ integration helps you correctly insert and place the probe tube for more accurate fittings. REM AutoFit is compatible with Interacoustics, MedRx, Otometrics, Sivantos and Auditdata using HIMSA's Inter Module Communication protocol 2 (IMC 2). It allows you to complete the REM process automatically by matching hearing aid gain to targets. Use REM AutoFit to improve your practice’s convenience, efficiency and accuracy of fittings.

REM AutoFit Quick Guide
AutoFit with VerifitLINK Quick Guide

Genie fitting

Genie 2: Right on target, right away, wirelessly

Oticon’s fitting and counseling tool, Genie 2, is designed to help you provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user.

Use Genie 2 for:
• Fitting 
• Counseling 
• Product demonstrations 
• Staff training 
• Remote online support from Oticon


Ready to get started?

Download Genie, access training materials and place orders on MyOticon. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Track orders and repairs, access promotions and coupons,* view warranties and much more — conveniently available 24 hours a day.

You can find Genie under the Products & Tools menu on MyOticon.

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Genie fitting

Genie 2 | 2022.2: More optimal fitting from the start

Oticon Genie 2 | 2022.2 helps you fit Oticon hearing aids in the most optimal way, with continuous enhancements to support your fitting and fine-tuning across in-clinic and remote visits.

New updates include:
• An additional measurement level for real ear measurements (REM) in REM Autofit has been added. Using the Inter Module Communication Protocol 2 (IMC2), this allows you to choose soft levels (input levels of 50 and 55 dB) and loud levels (input levels of 75 and 80 dB) for REM modules. For Verifit®LINK, 55 dB has been added for soft levels. Loud and moderate input levels remain at 75 dB and 65 dB respectively.
• The ability to transfer proprietary fitting rationale targets from Genie 2 to IMC2 compatible REM systems, making it possible to verify against VAC+ and DSE to optimize the fitting and enhance the overall experience for the patient.
• Transferability of the audiogram and fitting parameters from Genie 2 to the Verifit 1 or Verifit 2.
• The ability to fit Oticon Own™ instruments.

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