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Introducing Oticon Intent™

Help your patients engage in life like never before

Oticon Intent is the world's first hearing aid with user-intent sensors — a unique new technology that allows the hearing aid to recognize when the user's listening needs change and adapt accordingly.

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Oticon for all who deserve the best

At Oticon we believe in supporting every patient you see. We have always taken the approach of developing hearing aids that help the brain make sense of sound. We call this unique thinking BrainHearing™ and it has become the cornerstone in the development of our life‑changing technology.


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    Real Veterans. Real Comfort.


    Oticon Real™ hearing aids with SuddenSound Stabilizer (SSS) technology were tested on a group of military Veterans in Denmark. Learn more about the findings.

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    SuddenSound Stabilizer (SSS) reduces listening effort


    SuddenSound Stabilizer reduces listening effort by 22%* while maintaining speech understanding.

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    Supporting meaningful communication experiences


    A clinical study with teens and young adults (N=10; ages 11–20) was performed with Oticon Real hearing aids. This study found that 8 out of 10 participants experienced reduced listening fatigue.**

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*Based on a 22% reduced mean pupil size as compared to the highest mean pupil size.
**Gordey, D., 2023 Belonging, Being and Becoming: Supporting the Communication Experiences of Teens with Hearing Loss. Oticon Whitepaper.


Dedicated to you and your patients

We constantly improve our technology and work toward being the easiest partner for you to work with, including implementing feedback from audiologists whenever possible. We also offer training opportunities throughout the year to boost the skills of you and your colleagues.

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Oticon Government Services gives back

The Oticon Government Services Team proudly sponsors a variety of Veteran focused foundations and groups including Community of Hope and Homes for Our Troops.

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    Committed to making audiological discoveries


    Eriksholm Research Centre is dedicated to exploring effective ways of addressing hearing loss in the long-term, leading to remarkable audiological breakthroughs with the potential to profoundly enhance the future of hearing care.

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    Providing lasting benefits to underserved populations worldwide


    The Oticon Hearing Foundation is a non-profit organization, funded by donations from Oticon, Inc., that empowers people with hearing loss to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.

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