Our Pediatric Mission


Individual care

We assist children with hearing loss in realizing their full potential with instruments capable of meeting their individual needs on their journey towards adulthood.


…will empower you 

We will empower hearing care professionals to adapt solutions to fit children’s needs at every stage of their development - by optimizing auditory and cognitive habilitation and by embracing the complexities associated with growing up with hearing loss.


…to create a better future. 

We deliver solutions, tools, and techniques that offer everything you need to give every child with hearing loss a better future.

That’s our mission. That’s where we want to go – together with you.


Three defining dimensions of our mission

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    The core of our mission statement “a better future for every child with hearing loss” is to develop hearing care for the individual by adapting technology to the child, not the other way around. We wish to empower you as hearing care professional to adapt solutions to meet each developmental stage of every child with hearing loss according to their individual educational and lifestyle needs.

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    At Oticon we strive to deliver high performance to every situation of a child’s life with a smooth alliance between speech understanding and cognitive load. We strive to deliver technology that will optimize auditory and cognitive habilitation, giving children the best possible speech understanding in every situation while minimizing their cognitive load.

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    Our product development is based on deep respect for children with hearing loss. By providing support based on lifestyle practicalities, counseling, and listening strategies we aim to acknowledge the very real and challenging complexities of growing up with hearing loss, and to develop easy solutions to assist children, parents, and audiologists in overcoming the many practicalities involved.



  • Cast Your Vote for the 2017 Oticon Focus on People Awards

    Somerset, NJ

    10. July 2017

    Help honor 12 remarkable people who are changing perceptions of what it means to have hearing loss.

  • Oticon and Rock Band Legend Styx to Stream World’s First Live Rock Concert to Hearing Aid Wearers

    Somerset, NJ

    6. July 2017

    Hearing-impaired fans to rock on with Oticon's Internet-connected Opn hearing aids.

  • Oticon Opn Wins Two Gold Stevie Awards

    Somerset, NJ

    27. June 2017

    Oticon Opn™ brought home two Gold Stevie Awards from the 2017 American Business Awards Gala.

  • Oticon, Inc. Partners with Homes for Our Troops to Support Mortgage-Free Homes for Severely Injured Veterans

    Somerset, NJ

    24. June 2017

    Oticon, Inc. again joins Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) to support the national non-profit organization’s work of building mortgage-free homes for severely injured post-9/11 veterans, some of whom have suffered multiple amputations, paralysis, blindness or traumatic brain injury.
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