"We’re finally able to offer our patients a truly life-changing experience."

Paula Schwartz, AuD

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February is American Heart Month!

This is the time when organizations and communities across the nation join together to call attention to heart disease and encourage healthy lifestyles. Oticon is once again proud to partner with the American Heart Association (AHA) for the “At the Heart of It. . .We Put People First” campaign to raise awareness about heart and hearing health.

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Oticon was a hit at CES 2017!

Oticon Opn™ captured extensive U.S. and international news coverage at  CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world. More than 3,800 innovative products were on display, but only ONE world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid!

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Now available to more people

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“Before it was almost like you were having to squint your eyes.

You were working to hear, you were moving towards people to listen to a conversation. All that’s gone. I don’t have to work to hear anymore.”

-Tom L., Opn™ Hearing Aid User

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A world of possibilities

Oticon Opn™ is the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the Internet via the If This Then That network (

Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your hearing aids? Want to be notified in your hearing aids when someone’s at the door?

Explore the limitless possibilities available and craft your own connections to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life.

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Searching for hearing aid support

Learn how to clean your hearing aid, change your batteries, replace domes and more.

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