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Empowering life's intentions


Hockey legend Bernie Parent trusts Oticon Intent for excellent sound quality and connectivity. Learn how these cutting-edge hearing aids keep him connected with loved ones and the world around him.



Oticon Intent hearing aids have touched countless lives

Hear about how Oticon Intent powers people to engage in life like never before, turning their listening intentions into reality.

Embracing every sound

With Oticon hearing aids, you'll be immersed in every moment.

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    Jeff W.

    “Being a guitar player, my passion for playing had dwindled in recent years due to my hearing loss. However, with the new Oticon Intent hearing aids, I've experienced a significant improvement in sound quality while playing. It's rejuvenated my love for music and brought back the joy of playing.”

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    Eric T.

    “Oticon Intent hearing aids have brought me back to life. As a critical care flight paramedic, my ability to hear is not just crucial—it's everything. These aids have not only improved my hearing but also reignited my passion for my work and my connections with loved ones. I'm forever grateful to Oticon for giving me back the gift of sound and the joy of living.”

  • review-connected-leslie-r-v4

    Leslie R.

    “With Oticon Intent, I can actually hear the person I am talking to in a crowded or noisy environment. I can focus on what I want to hear, and it is not overwhelming like before. I have regained my confidence through better hearing.”

Life-changing technology

Oticon hearing aids bring you closer to the sounds of life that should be heard, not missed.

  • intent-testimonial-spot-bs-382x382

    Brenda S.

    “Oticon Intent has exceeded all my expectations. As a tech enthusiast, I was blown away by their seamless Bluetooth® connectivity and exceptional battery life. Now it’s easier than ever to stay connected to what matters most.”

  • intent-testimonial-spot-kp-382x382

    Kayla P.

    “My patient’s experience with Oticon Intent was incredible! The impact, especially in a church setting, was profound. He heard me singing clearly for the first time, bringing tears to his eyes. Oticon continues to impress with their transformative technology, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to my patients.”

  • intent-testimonial-spot-lr-382x382

    Leslie R.

    “The sound quality from Oticon hearing aids is truly amazing. I am so grateful that Oticon is on top of technology.”



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