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Discover how Oticon More is changing lives and delivering incredible sound quality. Watch the videos below to hear what real Oticon More users and hearing care professionals are saying about this life-changing technology.


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    Lenny White – Grammy Award winner, jazz musician, educator

    "There are things that I hadn't heard in such a long time that I had forgotten.”

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    Nils Lofgren – Singer, songwriter and guitarist for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

    "With my Oticon More hearing aids, I am much more excited about engaging with people — not just on stage but in my everyday life."

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    Amit Gosalia, AuD — California

    “The ability to hear and receive speech has been greatly improved and those are the two biggest benefits that I've seen."

  • more-testimonials-video-jan-v2

    Jan Correll – Lifestyle blogger & fashionista

    "My Oticon More hearing aids tuck neatly behind my ears. No one notices! But I notice the difference in how well I can hear. The clarity is amazing."

  • more-testimonials-video-bryan-v2

    Bryan Hitt – Drummer for REO Speedwagon

    "I would strongly recommend the Oticon More hearing aids for just about anyone. They’ve made my life so much easier and so much more enjoyable."

  • more-testimonials-video-abigail-v2

    Abigail Sweeney, AuD — Kentucky

    “The thing about Oticon More that has been just revolutionary and really incredible is the Deep Neural Network. Patients are reporting that they're hearing the environment so much more naturally.”

A hearing aid designed to support your brain

Get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more with Oticon More.

Connect with confidence

Staying connected to family and friends is more important than ever. With Oticon More, you can do just that.

  • review-confidence-connie

    Connie B.

    "I may be walking and listening to my podcast for an hour during the day and the hearing aids stream sound directly from my phone to my ears and I can catch everything."

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  • review-confidence-robert2

    Robert B.

    "I’m using the TV Adapter with my Oticon More hearing aids. It’s terrific. I can hear bass sounds and surround sound."

  • review-confidence-mitch

    Mitch T.

    “I stream music. I stream anything that I can. Considering how much I stream, I expected to run down the rechargeable batteries pretty quickly. Not so — a single charge lasts me all day!”

Made for a full day’s power,* every day

Oticon More provides worry-free rechargeability for more on-the-go convenience.

*Lithium-ion performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior.

Life-changing technology

Oticon More brings you closer to the sounds of life that should be heard, not missed.

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