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"With my Oticon More hearing aids, I am much more excited about engaging with people — not just on stage but in my everyday life."


"I would strongly recommend the Oticon More hearing aids for just about anyone. They’ve made my life so much easier and so much more enjoyable."


"My Oticon More hearing aids tuck neatly behind my ears. No one notices! But I notice the difference in how well I can hear. The clarity is amazing."


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A hearing aid designed to support your brain

Get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more with Oticon More.


"The ability to hear and perceive speech has been greatly improved and those are the two biggest benefits that I've seen."


"The thing about Oticon More that has been just revolutionary and really incredible is the Deep Neural Network. Patients are reporting that they're hearing the environment so much more naturally."


"The performance of my Oticon More hearing aids is nothing short of phenomenal. There is a significant improvement in clarity, even over the excellent clarity I enjoyed with my Oticon Opn S hearing aids.”

"I would recommend Oticon More in a heartbeat! I’m a musician. When I play my guitar or sing, I can hear myself so much better. The sounds are just more natural to me."

"Before, I was working so hard to hear and not really getting the whole conversation. Now I can hear the conversation and other things going on in the room — but in a way that’s not distracting."


"The noise around me in the restaurant did not impair me hearing my friends. Whether I was listening to my left or right, not once did I have to adjust the hearing aids, nor did I even think of adjusting them as I would have done with my previous hearing aids."

"With my Oticon More hearing aids, sounds are much more natural. I’m absolutely not aware that sound is coming through my hearing aids — that’s how naturally the sound blends with what is going on around me."

Connect with confidence

Staying connected to family and friends is more important than ever. With Oticon More, you can do just that.


"I may be walking and listening to my podcast for an hour during the day and the hearing aids stream sound directly from my phone to my ears and I can catch everything."


"I’m using the TV Adapter with my Oticon More hearing aids. It’s terrific. I can hear bass sounds and surround sound."

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Made for a full day’s power,* every day

Oticon More provides worry-free rechargeability for more on-the-go convenience.


"I pop my Oticon More hearing aids in the charger at bedtime so I’m ready to go first thing in the morning. Throughout my busy — and often long — days, they keep everything crisp and clear!


"I love the convenience and ease of Oticon More’s rechargeable batteries. I put my hearing aids on the first thing in the morning and wear them all day. I often have at least 50% of the charge left by the time I put them back in the charger at bedtime."

"I put them in first thing in the morning as soon as I get up because I have the charger beside my bed. And it's absolutely wonderful."

"The rechargeability - it is stable, it is reliable, it is easy. Patients can stick them in their charger. It turns them off, they take them off, it turns them back on. The light system is really reliable and easy to see."


"With my Oticon More hearing aids, I’m hearing everything much better. I love that I never worry about the batteries wearing down. The hearing aids are so comfortable, I don’t even know they’re on my ears."

Life-changing technology

Oticon More brings you closer to the sounds of life that should be heard, not missed.


"New users, existing hearing aid users, and even those with the previous state-of-the-art technology are noting improvements in their quality of life"


"As an audiologist for 38 years, I can honestly say: This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire career!"


“When I umpire baseball, I’ve got to hear the player’s foot hit the base and the ball hit the glove. With my Oticon More hearing aids, the sounds are so clear and distinct. And I can make the call with confidence!”


Oticon More blows away the competition! My patients who are fit with Oticon More are very satisfied with their hearing aids.”

"My Oticon More hearing aids are making a huge difference in my social life! I'm striking up conversations with people when I’m out walking the dog. I'm actually seeking out people to talk to – something I used to avoid."


“You don’t really notice them, but to you as the user, you notice a big difference.”


  "I had the opportunity to demo Oticon More with a long-time patient, a registered nurse wearing Opn 1. With masks on (so no visual cues) she could understand EVERYTHING we were saying. She remarked how she wasn't straining and how the noise was there but not overwhelming." oticon-more-quote-abigail-90x300

"The performance of my Oticon More hearing aids is exceptional. My previous Opn S hearing aids were great, like a “Home Run”. But my new Oticon More hearing aids are even better - a “Grand Slam”!"


"Every single hearing test I have performed has indicated that the best hearing aid for my patients is Oticon More. Most recently, after doing a test with a patient, he said "Wow! It took no effort to hear the sentences, even with so much background noise...I just heard it!"

"My Oticon More hearing aids have improved my hearing and my life."

"The sounds are just more natural to me. I would recommend Oticon More in a heartbeat!"


"This product is truly an advancement in hearing healthcare."

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