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How does the shape of your ear change when you yawn? What happens to the sound of your own voice when you wear a hearing aid? How does your ability to understand what someone is saying change in a noisy environment?

The answers to questions like these give us the critical links between hearing, thinking and human behavior that guide the design of Oticon hearing instruments. To find answers, we created the Eriksholm Research Center, the world’s largest psychoacoustic research facility, near Helsingør, Denmark.


What influences listening effort

When you have hearing loss, you use up more cognitive resources to make sense of sound – energy that might otherwise be used for tasks like remembering or staying with the conversation.

Two blogs take a deeper look into new research on the effort we expend when listening – uncovering some fascinating new insights into how listening affects us and how our motivation to hear may affect listening.

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Eriksholm is the home of
Oticon’s People First mission.

The charter of Eriksholm is not to develop new hearing instrument technology. Rather, Eriksholm is dedicated to working one-on-one with real people wearing hearing instruments in real-world situations so we can understand their expectations, needs and social interaction in daily life.

With what we learn at Eriksholm, we can build solutions that not only help you hear better, but help you live better as well.

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