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Which exactly are the biggest challenges when following a conversation in noisy situations? How can we best compensate for these challenges in a hearing solution? How can we help people with hearing loss stay focused on a conversation in a distracting environment? Is it possible to control a hearing aid by intent as opposed to buttons?

These are some of the questions the scientists at Eriksholm Research Centre investigate every day. Eriksholm was established by Oticon in 1976 and since then, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and audiologists has been making scientific discoveries to benefit people with hearing loss. Today Eriksholm is the world's largest facility for applied hearing research.


What influences listening effort?

People with hearing loss spend more cognitive resources to make sense of sound. This leaves less energy for remembering things and focusing on a conversation.

Eriksholm is the home of
Oticon’s People First mission.

The charter of Eriksholm is not to develop new hearing instrument technology. Rather, Eriksholm is dedicated to working one-on-one with real people wearing hearing instruments in real-world situations so we can understand their expectations, needs and social interaction in daily life.

With what we learn at Eriksholm, we can build solutions that not only help you hear better, but help you live better as well.

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