Oticon employs more than 3000 people and creates hearing solutions that benefit people in more than 100 countries around the world. Our products are sold through sales offices in 24 countries and some 80 independent distributors worldwide.

Oticon Product Development

Product development

At the Kongebakken Product Development Center just outside of Copenhagen, we draw on the results of our people-focused psychoacoustic research to design the next generation of advanced hearing technology.

Kongebakken is the world’s most advanced center for hearing instrument technology, built with world-class engineering capabilities and situated in a flexible, open architecture that promotes imagination and collaboration.

Oticon is the home of many industry firsts, including the first fully automatic hearing instrument, the first digital hearing instrument, the first hearing instrument with artificial intelligence, one of the first instruments to use wireless binaural technology and the first design-focused hearing instrument.

By integrating Kongebakken’s advanced engineering capabilities with Eriksholm’s cutting-edge psychoacoustic research and Oticon’s world-class manufacturing capabilities, Oticon maintains the lead in developing the future of hearing technology.

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