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    Oticon Intent: Audiological Innovations

    Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD

    This course provides an overview of the features and benefits of the new Oticon Intent hearing aids. The function of the core features is explained, along with expected patient benefits.


    Engaging In Life Like Never Before

    Mandy Weydeck, AuD

    The biggest issue for hearing aid users continues to be the ability to understand speech in noise and comprehend what is happening around them. In this course, we will discuss how our BrainHearing™ technologies are designed to give people with hearing loss a more personalized approach to adapt to their needs in any listening environment.


    Open Up To Life All Around

    Amanda Lawrence, AuD

    At Oticon, we believe in helping all people with hearing loss through their journey to better hearing. Understanding their needs and challenges, we strive to provide access to the complete sound picture, superior sound quality and integrate more seamlessly into their everyday lives. In this course we explore the expanded range of products on the Polaris™ platform to accomplish this goal.


    Genie 2: Navigating Oticon’s Fitting Software

    Chalese Buttars, AuD

    Oticon’s fitting software, Genie 2, is designed to assist hearing care professionals achieve successful fittings and manage follow up visits effectively. In this course we will cover the basic steps to effectively program Oticon hearing instruments and review additional fitting tools available for fine-tuning or customizing individual fittings.

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    Exploring New Domains in Pediatric Amplification: Case Studies in Auditory Acclimatization

    Dave Gordy, PhD

    Auditory acclimatization is described as the adjustment time related to learning to accommodate new auditory inputs through hearing technology. This presentation will discuss explorative case studies completed on auditory acclimatization. Facilitators and barriers for successful auditory acclimatization with children who are long-time users of hearing aid technology will be discussed.


    Pediatrics: Life-changing Technology Dedicated to Childhood

    Karla Quinones, AuD, CCC-A

    A child’s experiences are filled with sound, conversations and interactions vital to their growth. In this course we will explore our life-changing technology designed with children in mind. Our advanced signal processing strategy gives children with hearing loss access to all relevant sounds in the sound scene to help them unleash the magic of childhood.


    Parent Perspective on Remote Hearing Care: Opportunities to Promote Self-Determination

    Dave Gordy, PhD & Catherine Moyer, AuD

    The use of remote hearing care has been shown to provide benefits for professionals, patients and their families. Parents of preschool-aged children who wear hearing aids were interviewed to understand their experiences using the Oticon remote hearing care application with their clinical audiologist.

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OTC Webinar Series

Part 1: A deeper look into the FDA OTC regulations

Oticon's President Gary Rosenblum and Head of Audiology Virginia Ramachandran AuD, PhD take a deep dive into the OTC regulations.

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Part 2: The OTC Market Report

Jacob T. Winter, Oticon's VP of Marketing and industry expert Cliff Olson AuD provide an overview of OTC devices available in the market.

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Part 3: It’s time to revise your gameplan

In the third and final webinar Jessica DeFauw and Brian Andersen from Oticon’s Business Development team facilitated a panel discussion with successful professionals on best practices they implemented and how they prepared their businesses for the changing market.

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This series features in-depth discussions on topics related to cognitive and auditory function between Dr. Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, Head of Audiology at Oticon, Inc. and health care experts.

Our Expert’s forum is now available on AudiologyOnline. These courses are offered for CEUs. Refer to AudiologyOnline for CEU details.

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Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD
Jerry Northern, PhD
Amy Hardie, Med


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