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What's New from Oticon - Fall 2018
Presented by Annette Mazevski, AuD, PhD and Kelly Stahl, AuD
Consumers are changing and are more demanding than ever before when it comes to the delivery of health care. To minimally meet their needs, hearing care professionals must approach the hearing care process differently than we do today. In this course, attendees will examine how new Oticon products and fitting solutions are designed to not only meet and/or exceed patients expectations, but also result in increased practice differentiation.

Brain versus Machine
Presented by Donald J. Schum, PhD
Many first time hearing aid users are at risk for quick rejection of amplification. In this course, we will present our best recommendations on how to make post-fitting adjustments for patients who are new to the world of amplification.

The Follow-up Process for New Users
Presented by Donald J. Schum, PhD
Recommendations on making post-fitting adjustments for patients new to amplification.

Oticon ConnectClip: Keeping You Connected
Presented by Candace Depp, AuD
Use ConnectClip as a new offering that can help Oticon Opn™ wearers participate more actively with mobile and Bluetooth devices.


Hands on with Oticon: A New Look at Wireless Accessories
Presented by Gabrielle Filips


Person-Centered Care in Tinnitus Management
Presented by Cherilee Rutherford
This course will provide a basic introduction to 3 practical tools that clinicians can use to help deliver person centered care to tinnitus patients.

Pragmatic Tinnitus Issues
Presented by Douglas L. Beck, AuD
This course reviews contemporary peer-reviewed and outcome-based findings to debunk myths and move past treatment approaches which have not stood the test of scientific rigor.

Complex versus Standard Fittings
Presented by Don Schum
3 Part series
This three part series will cover special strategies that are to be considered when fitting atypical hearing losses. It will examine the assumptions that underpin our field’s typical approach to fitting amplification, as well as the limits of these assumptions. The concepts of Residual Capabilities and Exception Discovery will be explored. Various etiologies that may require a more adaptive approach to fitting will also be examined.

The Impact of Oticon Opn on Patient Performance
Presented by Don Schum
In this course, we will provide the background for our BrainHearing™ approach to development and then review the data that demonstrates how Opn delivers on this initiative.


The Importance of Classroom Relationships for Children with
Hearing Loss
Presented by Dave Gordey

Understanding the Needs of Tweens and Teens with Hearing Loss
Presented by Dave Gordey

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Oticon video series

These 10 to 15 minute videos  discuss important information about our fitting products, Genie fitting software and our approach to patient care.  These videos are designed to supplement our normal training and educational program of seminars, on-line courses, publications and office visits. Each video can be viewed through streaming video immediately or you can choose to download and save for later.

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