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Oticon breaks the rules. Again. – Introducing Oticon Opn S™ NEW
Kelly Stahl, AuD 
First Oticon created a new paradigm in hearing care. Now, we are breaking the rules again. With Oticon Opn S, we take the open sound experience to the next level. This course describes Oticon's Velox S, the fastest and most advanced platform developed to date by Oticon. It also discusses the major features of Oticon Opn S, including OpenSound Optimizer and OpenSound Booster. It will also review the advantages of Oticon's new rechargeable miniRITE R.

Hearing Loss, Aging & Speech Understanding NEW
Don Schum, PhD  
Effective speech understanding, especially in complex environments, requires both a well-functioning auditory system and a cognitive system that can efficiently and accurately process information, but our older patients can be challenged on both fronts. In this seminar, the cognitive nature of speech understanding will be viewed in light of the extra pressure that is exerted when hearing loss corrupts the information that is passed along from the periphery.

Social Isolation in the Older Adult NEW
Don Schum, PhD 
As age-related hearing loss is often part of a broader list of body change that the older adult experiences. Typical reaction patterns can lead the person down the path of isolation (either consciously or subconsciously), putting the patient at further health and cognitive risk. 

Oticon Customs - Opening the World to More Users
Randi Pogash, AuD and Kelly Stahl, AuD
The custom hearing instrument business accounts for approximately 15% of the overall hearing aid business. With the release of Opn™ as a custom solution, we want to review making good impressions to avoid remakes and instruments that need modification. We will also discuss the features of Oticon's Opn custom instruments and how they help us to continue the Opn sound paradigm to open up the world to even more users.

Patient Consultations 

Brain versus Machine
Donald J. Schum, PhD
Many first time hearing aid users are at risk for quick rejection of amplification. In this course, we will present our best recommendations on how to make post-fitting adjustments for patients who are new to the world of amplification.

The Follow-up Process for New Users
Donald J. Schum, PhD
Recommendations on making post-fitting adjustments for patients new to amplification.


Solutions That Work Where Children Learn and Play NEW
Candace Depp, AuD  
At Oticon, we have a specific focus on developing technologies and intervention approaches that support the broad range of cognitive development in the child. This session will review the latest solutions designed to support children in both social and educational settings and discuss the latest research documenting the benefits of Oticon Opn for pediatric use.

Bone Conduction Hearing Device Fitting Practices in Pediatrics NEW
Dave Gordey, MSc AuD (C), PhD Candidate 
For children who are not candidates for air conduction hearing aids, bone conduction hearing devices are available. Unfortunately, fitting protocols are not well developed for these devices. This is challenging for pediatric audiologists who rely on objective measures of hearing devices to support their patient’s communication development. Bone conduction hearing devices and candidacy considerations for the pediatric population will be reviewed. Findings from a clinical survey will be offered to inform the current practices for fitting these devices in children.

Oticon Redefines Child-friendly Hearing Care COMING SOON
Candace Depp, AuD
Children live, learn, and interact in exceptionally diverse listening environments, and the differing characteristics of each, make all of them uniquely challenging. Being able to make sense of sound is crucial to children’s development and growth. Oticon introduces a whole new way for children to hear sounds and thereby increases speech understanding in noise. This promotes better conditions to meet developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up. In this session, we discuss the advancements that bring the highest level of patient benefit to all parts of the pediatric segment to optimize listening and learning opportunities. Product practicalities and the latest research will also be reviewed. 


Oticon ConnectClip: Keeping You Connected
Candace Depp, AuD
Use ConnectClip as a new offering that can help Oticon Opn™ wearers participate more actively with mobile and Bluetooth devices.


Person-Centered Care in Tinnitus Management
Cherilee Rutherford
This course will provide a basic introduction to 3 practical tools that clinicians can use to help deliver person centered care to tinnitus patients.


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