Hearing health care starts with you!

Oticon's marketing support programs include a variety of services to help you attract and retain patients while improving their experience. These programs connect patients searching for hearing care to you for the best outcome.


Local Marketing Support

DRIVE local consumer marketing for your practice

Oticon’s DRIVE marketing program is designed to accelerate your practice success. It boasts tested and proven advertising campaigns and templates, Consumer Marketing Associate personalized support, and a variety of tools to help you plan and execute your marketing activities.

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Want qualified leads?

Opt in to the Oticon risk-free trial program

Sign up to participate in the Oticon risk-free trial program, and we will drive local qualified leads for premium Oticon hearing aids straight to your practice – to benefit from your expert care and knowledge. All free of charge as an Oticon customer. Choose the terms of the trial based on your needs.

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National Marketing Support

Become part of their conversation

With consumers increasingly turning to the Internet for research and information, we are pleased to offer National lead generation through several platform options.


  • oticon-logo-382x382 connects patients to you

    Patients interested in Oticon’s advanced technology will be able to find your expert hearing care through our provider locator.

    For more information, contact us.

  • healthy_hearing_382x382

    The leading online resource for hearing health

    Healthy Hearing provides information about hearing loss and hearing aids to over 4M visitors annually, and helps patients find you on their path to expert hearing care.

    For more information, contact us.

  • yhn_382x382

    Empower your practice!

    Your Hearing Network is a nationwide hearing health care network designed to connect patients with hearing loss to local hearing care professionals using the Total Value Solutions portfolio of business services.

    Learn more about Your Hearing Network