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We continually test our products against ourselves and the competition as a benchmark for the high quality we strive to deliver. We have hearing solutions that meet the needs of all of your patients, from mild to profound hearing loss, unilateral hearing loss and those who have tinnitus with normal hearing.




Oticon Real™

Experience the sounds of the real world

Oticon Real, powered by Polaris R™ and RealSound Technology™, and featuring new innovative technology designed to handle the real sounds of life. Oticon Real builds upon Oticon More™ by giving your patients access to all relevant sounds, in balance, with exceptional detail and clarity. At the same time, Oticon Real protects patients from disruptive sounds, so that they can remain comfortable in the real world.

Oticon Real offers real-life benefits:

  • New! With SuddenSound Stabilizer On, Danish Veterans reported an 18% increase in comfort and a 22% decrease in irritation. Additionally, we also measured a 19% reduction in brain response to abrupt sounds.*

  • Better access to speech in windy conditions compared to Oticon More, thanks to the new Wind & Handling Stabilizer.**

  • 22% reduction in the listening effort caused by sudden sounds***, without further impacting speech understanding through SuddenSound Stabilizer.

  • Hands-free calls on select iPhone® and iPad® devices and direct streaming from select Android™ devices.††

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*Eskelund, et al., 2023 SuddenSound Stabilizer for veterans. Oticon Whitepaper.
** Gade et al. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.
***Based on a 22% reduced mean pupil size as compared to the highest mean pupil size.
† Hands-free communication is available with iPhone 11 or later running iOS 15.2 or later, and iPad running iPadOS® 15.2 or later.
†† Android devices need to support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Real. Please visit oticon.com/support/compatibility for more information.


VA Contract Updates as of 11-1-2023

Oticon Hearing Aids

 Contract No. 36C79119D0034


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ROES RITE Earmolds


  • canalmold

    Standard Molds

  • litetip

    Hollow Molds

  • shellmold2

    Embedded Molds


Oticon Companion app

An all-in-one solution


Features include:

  • Easy adjustment of hearing aids*
  • Find my hearing aids for lost devices
  • Receive remote counseling and adjustments via RemoteCare, now conveniently located in the Companion app

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Learn more about RemoteCare


Easily check smartphone compatibility


  • Scan this QR code with your patient's smartphone to see if it is compatible with Bluetooth® enabled Oticon hearing aids.



  • To access a printable list of all ASHA compatible phone, please click the button below.

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  • Rechargeable solutions

    Explore Oticon's state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solutions.

  • BrainHearing™ technology

    Our solutions deliver better hearing with less effort by supporting how the brain makes sense of sound

  • Training opportunities

    Oticon conducts Government Services trainings across the country and throughout the year to meet your travel needs and availability

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