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Oticon offers a wide range of hearing solutions to our nation’s Veterans and active duty military personnel

Oticon Opn three hearing aid lineup with labels-tis2-1200x850

Three Opn™ styles to choose from

Since the introduction of Oticon Opn we have received outstanding feedback from Government Services Audiologists on how well their patients are responding to the open sound experience. Opn represents a significant paradigm shift in hearing care, improving speech understanding and enabling interaction with multiple speakers.
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VA contract updates as of 5-1-18

Oticon Hearing Aids and Oticon Wireless Devices

 Contract No. VA-791-14-D-0015


Opn BTE13 Plus Power
Alta2 Pro  TI BTE
Alta2 Pro BTE Power
Alta2 Pro Mini BTE
Dynamo SP10 BTE


Opn miniRITE Rechargeable
Opn 1 miniRITE-T
Opn 1 miniRITE
Alta2 Pro RITE
Alta2 Pro miniRITE
Alta2 Pro designRITE
Alta2 Pro Ti RITE
Alta2 Pro Ti miniRITE

Full Shell

Alta2 Pro FS
Alta2 Pro FS Power

Half Shell

Alta2 Pro HS 
Alta2 Pro HS Power


Alta2 Pro Canal 
Alta2 Pro Canal Power


Alta2 Pro CIC
Alta2 Pro CIC Power
Alta2 Pro IIC

RITE Earmolds

Power Receiver Mold

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