Products on the VA Hearing Aid Contract

Oticon offers a wide range of hearing solutions to our nation’s Veterans and active duty military personnel


Introducing Oticon Xceed

Give patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss access to more speech than ever before with Oticon Xceed, the world’s most powerful hearing aid.

  • Available in both UP & SP styles
  • 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on-gain*
  • Powered by the Velox S™ platform

*Values shown are based upon IEC measurements for Xceed 1 BTE UP
Xceed available as of November 1, 2019.

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The Opn S™ family

Designed to fit your patients' needs, Opn S comes in a variety of high-performance styles, including:

  • The small and stylish miniRITE
  • The lithium-ion rechargeable miniRITE R
  • The miniRITE T featuring a telecoil
  • The powerful BTE PP


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Opn™ custom styles

Deliver the open sound experience in a variety of custom styles.

  • Oticon Opn sound quality
  • OpenSound Navigator™ – available in all styles
  • Twinlink wireless communication with 2.4 GHz wireless technology (ITC, ITE HS and ITE FS)
  • Our smallest IIC ever


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VA contract updates as of 11-1-2019

Oticon Hearing Aids and Oticon Wireless Devices

 Contract No. 36C79119D0034
  • opn_bte


    • Opn S BTE PP

    • Xceed BTE SP

    • Xceed BTE UP

  • opn_minirite


    • Opn S miniRITE

    • Opn S miniRITE T

    • Opn S miniRITE R (lithium-ion)

    • Opn Play miniRITE T

  • fs_hs_900x600

    Full shell / Half shell


  • canal_900x600



  • latticespot-VACastomCIC-IIC-900x600

    CIC / IIC


  • latticespot-mold-900x600


    All styles

  • amigo_fm_900x600

    Oticon Amigo FM

    • Transmitter: T31

    • Transmitter: T5

    • Receiver: R2

    • Receiver: R12

    • Receiver: R12G2

  • tv_adapter_900x600


    • ConnectClip

    • TV 3.0

    • Phone Adapter 2.0

    • ConnectLine TV 2.0

    • ConnectLine Microphone

  • remote_900x600

    Remote Control

    • Remote Control 3.0


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  • Opn S Rechargeable

    Explore Oticon's state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution.

  • BrainHearing™ technology

    Our solutions deliver better hearing with less effort by supporting how the brain makes sense of sound

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