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rechargeable hearing aid solution

Rechargeable hearing aids

Charge into life with more power, freedom and flexibility

The new Oticon More™ miniRITE R is a discreet lithium–ion-based rechargeable style that provides a full day of battery life,* including streaming, after just three hours of charging. Oticon More rechargeable hearing aids give you better hearing and speech understanding in a variety of environments, with less effort that gives convenient, worry-free rechargeability each day.

We also offer the great benefits of miniRITE R rechargeable hearing aids in the Oticon Opn S™ and Oticon Ruby families for adults and Oticon Opn Play™ family for children.

*Lithium-ion performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior.


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A full day's power. Every day.

It couldn't be easier to use Oticon rechargeable hearing aids. Simply set your hearing aids in their charger at night, and you'll wake up to fully-powered devices in the morning. Your hearing aids take just three hours to fully charge. And, if you forget to charge, a quick 30 minutes will provide another six hours of use.

Our lithium-ion battery technology ensures you can comfortably enjoy a full day of hearing,* including streaming from your favorite devices.

*Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle, and streaming behavior


  • rechargeable hearing aid solution on night stand

    Simply place your hearing aids in the charger at night


  • man wearing oticon hearing aids with hearing aid app

    Pick them up in the morning and put them on your ears



Oticon's easy-to-use hearing aid charger


  • rechargeable hearing aids in docking station

    Connect the charger to a power source using the integrated cable.

  • Opn s rechargeable hearing aids in charger

    Easy to insert with one hand – no lid to open, and no need to turn off your hearing aids.

  • Opn s rechargeable hearing aids in charger

    Place hearing aids in the charging ports to automatically begin charging via contact-free inductive technology.

  • Opn s rechargeable hearing aids in charger

    Discreet LED lights let you see charging status at a glance.



See how easy it is to charge






Want some quick tips for using your miniRITE R hearing aids?

Check out our Getting Started guide and learn how to get the most of your rechargeable hearing aids, including charging and pairing with the TV Adapter.

Rechargeable tips

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