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Hearing aids for teens

Oticon Play PX, Opn Play™ and Xceed Play



Oticon Play PX, Opn Play and Xceed Play feature life-changing technology which gives teenagers the confidence to thrive in everyday situations. In the classroom, teens can connect directly to the teacher’s voice using our wireless classroom solution, Oticon EduMic.



Oticon makes directional
hearing aids a thing of the past

The exclusive technology in Oticon Opn Play, Xceed Play and Play PX gives you natural, 360° sound—even in the most difficult noisy environments. They help you know where sounds are coming from, separate different sounds, hear multiple people speaking, and enjoy a better spatial sense of your surroundings.


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    Oticon Play PX
    Unleash the magic of childhood

    New Oticon Play PX is the world’s first hearing aid for teens that learned through experience thanks to its on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). The DNN was trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes and learned to recognize sounds through experience, like teen’s brains do naturally.

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    Oticon Opn Play™
    Open up your teen’s world

    Opn Play is designed to meet the needs and challenges of teens of all ages. The technology inside Opn Play gives teens the access to the full soundscape to support listening and learning needs.

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    Oticon Xceed Play
    For teens with severe-to-profound
    hearing loss

    Oticon Xceed Play gives teens with severe-to-profound hearing loss more access to speech. By providing clear and detailed sounds, teens will have better conditions to hear, grow, thrive and learn.

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Giving you the confidence to be yourself

Oticon Play PX, Opn Play and Xceed Play give you more confidence to participate in the conversation. Whether you are sitting in a café, walking outdoors, or talking on the phone, Oticon Play PX, Opn Play and Xceed Play constantly provide accurate information about the sounds all around you. Our hearing aids are so fast and dynamic they can keep up with the speech of all of your friends, even when lots of them are speaking. Not only does this boost confidence to take part, but it also gives you the freedom to be at the center of attention (if that’s what you want!)

All three hearing aids are available in 12 colors that let you blend in or stand out. With amazing connectivity and confidence-inspiring sound quality, Oticon hearing aids make every day a little more fun and rewarding.

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Charging options whether at home or on the go

Portable SmartCharger


Oticon Play PX miniRITE R and miniBTE R styles can be powered up with the optional, portable SmartCharger giving you the freedom to travel light and keep your hearing aids powered, dry, and protected. Its built-in power bank makes it ideal for travel, providing at least three full hearing aid charges when the device is fully charged.

Made for a full day’s power, every day*

The powerful desktop charger is available for both Oticon Play PX and Oticon Opn Play rechargeable styles, taking just three hours** to give a full day of battery life*—including streaming sound from other devices.

*Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior.
**miniRITE R 3 hours, miniBTE R 3.5 hours.

Teen using Oticon hearing aid app

Connect to the things you love ...


Stream your music and your calls straight to your hearing aids!

Because Oticon’s latest hearing aids are Bluetooth® Low Energy-enabled and Made for iPhone® and compatible with select Android™ devices*, you can stream superior quality audio from your cell phone, tablet, and TV with Oticon’s TV Adapter. You won’t believe the sound quality of your favorite song!


Want to be completely hands-free on the phone?

With Oticon Play PX and compatible Apple® devices*, hands-free is now even easier than before. Use your hearing aid button to answer, reject and end phone and video calls. Having the ability to communicate on-the-go while your phone is in your pocket, backpack or purse means you can do more of what you love while listening to high quality streaming to both ears.

The ConnectClip is the perfect accessory for hands-free communication with Opn Play and Xceed Play, as well as phones that do not support hands-free.

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More confidence in school with EduMic

Oticon EduMic offers clear and reliable direct access to the teacher’s voice from a wireless remote microphone. EduMic is designed specifically to overcome the everyday challenges of listening in the classroom.

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*Android devices need to support ASHA to allow direct connectivity to Oticon Play PX, Opn Play and Xceed Play. iPhone and iPad® devices need to support two-way hands-free communication. Please visit oticon.com/support/compatibility for more information and to see which devices are compatible.


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