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Teen wearing Opn play hearing aids

Hearing aids for teens

Oticon Opn Play™ and Xceed Play


Opn Play and Xceed Play (for children with severe-to-profound hearing loss) are our best hearing aids for teenagers due to the 360° soundscape which gives teens the confidence to thrive in everyday situations. They are also Internet-connected and seamlessly connect to devices, opening a new world of possibilities.




Oticon makes directional hearing aids a thing of the past

The exclusive technology in Oticon Opn Play and Xceed Play gives you natural, 360° sound—even in the most difficult noisy environments. They help you know where sounds are coming from, separate different sounds, hear multiple people speaking, and enjoy a better spatial sense of your surroundings.


  • Teen in cafe only hearing sound in front

    Other hearing aid technology

    Focuses on just one speaker, while suppressing other sounds.


  • Teen in cafe hearing all sounds

    Oticon technology

    Opens up the soundscape so you can hear multiple speakers.


Teen wearing opn play hearing aids playing basketball

Giving you the confidence to be yourself

Oticon Opn Play and Xceed Play give you more confidence to participate in the conversation. The hearing aids are fast and dynamic enough to keep up with your friends and offer you connectivity in ways that make talking on the phone, listening to Spotify, or surfing YouTube easy. Both Opn Play and Xceed Play hearing aids are available in 12 colors that let you blend in or stand out. With amazing connectivity and confidence-inspiring sound quality, Oticon hearing aids make every day a little more fun and rewarding.

Whether you are sitting in a cafe, walking outdoors, or talking on the phone, Oticon Opn Play and Xceed Play constantly provide accurate information about the sounds all around you. Our hearing aids are so fast and dynamic they can keep up with the speech of all of your friends, even when lots of them are speaking. Not only does this boost your confidence to take part, it gives you the freedom to be at the center of attention (if that's what you want!)

See how Opn Play and Xceed Play can fit your style 

Teen using Oticon hearing aid app

Connect to the things you love with Internet-connected hearing aids


Stream your music and your calls straight to your hearing aids!

Because Opn Play and Xceed Play hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream superior quality audio from your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices. You won’t believe the sound quality of your favorite song!

Made for iPhone® hearing aid
Oticon Opn Play and Xceed Play make it simple to connect directly to your iPhone, so you can talk on the phone like anybody else. They can also connect directly to your iPad® or iPod touch®, too!


Want to be completely hands-free on the phone?

With ConnectClip, it’s easy to make clear, safe, hands-free calls with your iPhone® or Android™ phone. ConnectClip is a small, multi-function accessory that transmits the caller’s voice directly to your hearing aids while the built-in microphone clearly transmits what you say to the caller. Keep your phone in your pocket, backpack or purse, and make and receive hands-free calls in the car or on the go—streaming to both ears!


Hear the teacher, coach, or instructor more easily

Even with the best hearing aids, it can sometimes be difficult to clearly hear what someone is saying, like from across the room during a lecture. The small, wireless ConnectClip can help you in these kinds of difficult listening situations by streaming another person’s speech—up to 65 feet away—directly to your Opn Play or Xceed Play hearings aids.


More confidence in school with FM

In school and other instructional environments, FM is a well-known and reliable go-to technology. All Opn Play BTE PP and Xceed Play SP and UP style instruments are compatible with Oticon Amigo FM and other FM classroom systems. This FM compatibility offers 2 options which both attach to the bottom of your Oticon hearing aids:

• A small clip-on Amigo R12G2 receiver in colors to match Opn Play and Xceed Play BTEs
• A universal audio shoe, FM 10, for a secure physical connection to the Amigo R2 or Roger X receivers
• The Amigo Arc is a small neckloop receiver that is also compatible with Opn Play miniRITE R and Opn Play miniRITE T style instruments

Learn more about Amigo FM 



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