Hearing aids for children

At Oticon, our pediatric mission is very specific: To create a better future for every child with hearing loss

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    Oticon Play PX

    New Oticon Play PX is the world’s first pediatric hearing aid that learned through experience thanks to its on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). The DNN was trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes and learned to recognize sounds through experience, like children’s brains do naturally.

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    Oticon Xceed Play

    Xceed Play gives children with severe-to-profound hearing loss more access to speech. By providing clear and detailed sounds, children will have better conditions to hear, grow, thrive and learn.

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    Oticon Opn Play™

    Opn Play is designed to meet the needs and challenges of children of all ages. The technology inside Opn Play gives children the access to the full soundscape to support listening and learning needs.

Value–added services for children with hearing loss

We believe that excellent pediatric hearing care extends beyond developing reliable, speech-focused, child-friendly technology. Understanding the needs of children ages 0-18 and their families, we have developed value-added services offered only for children:

  • •   free SafeLine™ retention cords

  • •   specially priced extended warranties

  • •   free Hearing Aid Care Kits

  • •   48 hour in-house turnaround time for repairs

…and a variety of printed and online support materials for families, teachers, children, and teens.

Talk with your hearing care provider for more information about these services.
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EduMic for better classroom hearing

The modern classroom is filled with challenges for children with hearing loss and their teachers, making learning very difficult. Oticon EduMic, a wireless remote microphone solution, is designed to overcome these challenges.

Learn about EduMic

SafeLine retention cord

Extra safety for active children​

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Peace of mind for parents

Oticon’s SafeLine retention cord lets kids wear their hearing aids while playing sports or running around without compromising on safety. Simply clip on and play – no more worries about hearing aids falling off and getting lost.

An industry first, the unique design features a breakaway cord with a quick-release clasp that will easily open if it gets snagged or pulled. It is also hypoallergenic and perfect for children in all aspects of safe use.

SafeLine meets international legislation and standards for safety and all materials have been chosen and thoroughly evaluated as fully biocompatible.

SafeLine includes two cord lengths, 17” and 22”, for kids of all ages, and is compatible with all Oticon BTE and miniRITE hearing aid styles.

  • One SafeLine device will automatically accompany every Play PX,
    Opn Play or other Oticon instrument order for children ages 0-6 years,
    at no charge

  • SafeLine also available upon request for children over 6 years at no charge with a hearing aid order.