Hearing aids for Veterans, US military, and Indian Health patients

If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, your benefits include Oticon products. We offer a full portfolio of hearing instruments designed to support an entire range of hearing needs.

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Introducing Oticon Intent™


Engage in life like never before

Oticon Intent features the world's first user-intent sensors — a unique new technology that allows the hearing aid to recognize when your listening needs change and adapt accordingly. Available in a discreet rechargeable miniRITE R style and 9 colors.

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Solutions powered by BrainHearing™ technology

At Oticon, our goal is to provide as many patient benefits as possible with the hearing technology that we design. We offer an entire portfolio of products designed to support patients with mild-to-moderate to severe hearing loss, tinnitus support, and those with single-sided deafness.

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Hearing aid accessories

Oticon accessories designed to make life a bit easier. Learn more about the Oticon EduMic, ConnectClip, Remote Control, TV adapter and more.

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Download Oticon Companion App

Explore Oticon Companion app, with features like “Find My Hearing Aids” for lost devices, RemoteCare counseling with your hearing care professional, and more. For more information, visit





Oticon Government Services gives back

The Oticon Government Services Team proudly sponsors a variety of Veteran-focused foundations, groups and activities including Homes for Our Troops. Stay connected with us for active updates on our participation.

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Do you need technical support with your Oticon hearing aid?

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  • Check your hearing

    Think that you may have hearing loss?  Take the first step and complete this short evaluation.

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    For further information on hearing instrument eligibility or to make an appointment, contact the VA facility nearest you.

  • Ringing in your ears?

    Tinnitus is the most common service-connected disability. Don't let it get you down.

  • Hearing aid support

    Find videos and instructions on how to use all Oticon hearing aids and accessories.