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Built upon our BrainHearing philosophy, Oticon Play PX is the world’s first pediatric hearing aid that learned the way children learn-through experience. Backed by innovative research, Play PX is designed to give children’s developing brains what they need.

Backed by science. Proven by children.

New evidence examines the areas of participation and communication access, voice emotion recognition and first fit accuracy for children and teens wearing Oticon hearing aids.

  • New Velox S Platform

    Promotes participation and communication access

    Supports the ability to recognize and recall speech coming from different directions

  • Rechargeable solution

    Supports voice emotion recognition

    Enables children to recognize voice emotions in noise

  • wireless connections

    Provides better first fits

    Supports clinical efficiency with better first fits


Promotes participation and communication access

To assess whether Oticon Play PX improves participation and communication access, we simulated typical listening environments including dynamic noise and speech coming from different directions.

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Results revealed that children are more easily able to make sense of sound for improved speech recognition and recall with MoreSound Intelligence active. This is crucial, as these skills are essential for active social participation.

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Supports voice emotion recognition

For children, recognizing emotions in a speaker’s voice is a key to social competency and inclusion. We set out to investigate the voice emotion recognition abilities of children and teens with hearing loss in background noise and without the support of facial expressions, and compare them with their age-matched, normal-hearing peers. The results revealed children wearing the Oticon hearing aids had similar performance in their voice emotion recognition as their age-matched peers with normal hearing.

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Provides better first fits

Fitting accuracy is crucial when selecting hearing aids for the pediatric population—in particular, children ages 0 to 2 who cannot tell you what they are hearing. For best-practice fitting guidelines and clinician peace of mind, it is important to get an accurate fit the first time.

We conducted a study to compare the first-fit accuracy of two pediatric hearing aids, Oticon Play PX and a top competitor. The hearing aids were programmed to the Desired Sensation Level (DSL) fitting formula with manufacturer default settings for a six-month-old child. Results showed that Oticon Play PX achieved an accurate first fit to DSL targets more often than the top competitor and had better first-fit accuracy across a variety of hearing loss configurations.

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