Oticon EduMic Wireless Remote Microphone System Breaks Barriers to Classroom Learning for Children with Hearing Loss and Their Teachers

Somerset, NJ
28 January 2020

EduMic, a new wireless remote microphone system from Oticon, Inc., improves speech understanding in the classroom for children with hearing loss, overcoming the noise, distance and reverberation challenges typical of classroom environments. EduMic works together with Oticon pediatric hearing aids, Oticon Opn Play™ and Oticon Xceed Play, to deliver world-class sound quality that enables students to hear the teacher's voice clearly while interacting with other students in the classroom. Unlike many classroom microphone systems, EduMic requires no ear-level receiver. The discreet device works seamlessly with the wireless receiver system integrated into Oticon pediatric hearing aids and is compatible with existing classroom remote microphone systems. Teachers can easily and quickly connect EduMic to existing microphone systems and multimedia sources, without having to wear two microphones. Smaller and lighter than many remote microphones, EduMic features a sleek, modern design and 10-hour battery life.

"With outstanding sound quality and excellent compatibility, EduMic simplifies the complexity of everyday listening and learning for students with hearing loss and their teachers," said Laura Shiplett, AuD, Director, Oticon Pediatrics. "EduMic works together with Oticon pediatric hearing aids and with Oticon Opn™, Oticon Siya and Oticon Medical Ponto 4 to maximize students' speech understanding and improve their opportunities for language development, learning and socializing. For teachers, EduMic is flexible, discreet and easy to use, allowing them to communicate clearly and effectively with students by pushing a single button."

Designed for Today’s Learning Environments

EduMic is user-friendly to pair and mute. The wireless remote system only needs to be paired one time. Teachers can connect EduMic to existing remote microphone systems using a Europin connection so that they don’t need to wear two microphones. The 2.4 GHz technology provides a stable signal and connects to an unlimited number of hearing aids. Even in a typical Wi-Fi-heavy classroom environment, the signal strength remains strong and stable when the teacher is speaking. Teachers can easily unplug the EduMic and take it with them when moving to another classroom.

EduMic also enables access to a variety of audio sources to ensure that students stay connected and engaged during class. Teachers can plug EduMic into a computer, smartboard or tablet using the 3.5 audio microphone jack connection. The audio jack also allows easy integration with existing sound field systems, accessing multiple audio sources and microphones simultaneously.

Powerful Partnership for Speech Understanding

EduMic works together with Oticon pediatric hearing aids and with all Oticon hearing aids powered by the Velox™ and Velox S™ platforms to deliver clear access to the teacher’s voice. The powerful, advanced signal processing platforms feature the 2.4 GHz TwinLink™ communication system that allows outstanding binaural hearing aid processing while streaming to the hearing aids simultaneously.

Built for the Classroom and the Educator

EduMic is robust and designed to handle the demands of everyday life and withstand accidental dropping. Two LED indicators let teachers know the status of the device at a glance. The lightweight device (32 grams) can be worn in multiple ways to match the teacher’s personal preference and style. The rotating clip can be attached to a lapel, collar or pocket or worn comfortably around the neck as an easy-adjustable lanyard.

"EduMic lets teachers focus on what’s important – connecting with and teaching children, inside and outside the classroom," added Shiplett.

For more information on EduMic and the entire Oticon family of pediatric hearing solutions, visit www.oticon.com/edumic