Demant Care Community unites Demant employees in humanitarian initiatives to benefit local communities

Somerset, NJ
1 September 2022

When the Demant Virtual Blood Drive reached its 100‑pint goal on July 30, the success was shared by Demant employees across the US and an important group within that community. Established in April 2021, the Demant Care Community is building a Community of Care among Demant employees with projects, like the blood drive, that enable them to volunteer and contribute to the support of in‑need people in communities nationwide. The virtual blood drive enabled participants to schedule donations at Red Cross sites in their own communities. Employees also helped to rally Demant customers to join in the blood drive, further expanding its reach.

The Demant Care Community is one of several Demant Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the Demant values.

“Caring about people, their hearing and overall health is something our Demant family is passionate about,” said Mariann Cadieu, Oticon Conference and Events Manager who heads up the Demant Care Community ERG. “We seek out opportunities, like the blood drive, that allow us to join together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

This summer, the group plans to participate in the United Way’s Tools for Schools program, a school supplies collection drive that will benefit underprivileged children in northern New Jersey. In 2021, the group delivered more than 100 backpacks with essential supplies and notes of encouragement for a successful school year.

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