Oticon University Program Launches Online Lecture Series for Audiology Graduate Students

Somerset, NJ
1 February 2021

Oticon, Inc. kicks off the company’s 2021 educational support for graduate students in audiology with a series of quarterly online lectures designed to supplement and complement students’ university education. The live interactive lectures will enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of audiology and hearing technology that enhances their ability to bring life-changing benefits to patients from all backgrounds. This is the first year that Oticon has expanded its lecture series to an online format to accommodate more students, especially those enrolled in university programs that are currently in virtual mode. Oticon also continues to collaborate with administrators and faculties at universities across the country to bring subject experts in audiology and technology directly into classrooms for customized seminars and workshops.

"In the dynamic world of hearing health care, the curriculum and educational offerings of the Oticon University Program continually evolve to support both students and educators," said Randi Pogash, AuD, Senior Manager, University Relations. "Students today have a very different experience in the university setting than they had when we first started the Oticon University Program in 2004. Our goal today, as it was then, is to find the most effective way to support students’ ability to acquire the knowledge, insights and practical skills needed to successfully transition to a career in hearing health care.”

Led by Oticon Vice President of Audiology Donald Schum, PhD and Manager of Technology Assessment Annette Mazevski, AuD, PhD, the new online series is free and open to all students. Registration is required. Each lecture runs approximately one and one-half hours. Students have the option to ask questions and communicate with the lecturers during the online sessions. Content in PDF format can be downloaded following each lecture.

● Cochlear Synaptopathy (February 17 4:00PM-5:30PM EDT) Discusses Hidden Hearing Loss (HHL), its manifestations, how noise plays a major role in HHL and what to consider when HHL is suspected. Register here.

● The Aging Perceptual System (May 19 4:00PM-5:30PM EDT) Examines the effects of aging in combination with hearing loss on spoken language understanding. Register here.

● The Future of Hearing Aid Technology (August 18 4:00PM-5:30 PM EDT) Identifies current trends in hearing technology and how they will impact hearing health care in the future. Register here.

● Signal Processing for Speech (November 17 4:00PM-5:30PM EST) Explores signal processing approaches and the factors that can affect the patient’s ability to perform optimally. Register here.

For more information about the Oticon University Program and to sign up for the student newsletter, visit the University Program website. Educators and administrators interested in exploring the educational offerings of the Oticon University Program should contact Randi Pogash at RPOG@oticon.com. Learn more about the University Program website.