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Oticon podcast program

Listen on demand to Don Schum discuss a variety of topics that define the Oticon approach to hearing care, and provide important glimpses into the way we work to create solutions and support for your patients.

On the go, between classes or relaxing off hours, these 5-10 minute recordings are available to you 24/7 for your listening convenience.

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    Fitting tips

    Looking for some great tips related to hearing loss and amplification? The tips in this section are designed to provide you with insights that will assist you in your fittings.

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    Interesting articles

    Want to check out some fascinating stuff? Read up on hidden hearing loss or a cold weather phenomenon that affects hearing and many other interesting articles.


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    Professional development tips

    Looking for tips to help you navigate through graduate school, getting a job in audiology & beyond? We’ve got you covered! Read helpful tips on how to manage stress, externship advice, making a great impression in an interview & more!


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Oticon University Program

The Oticon University Program was designed to establish and reinforce partnerships with audiology graduate programs across the United States. Our goals are:

• Serve as a resource on the hearing aid fitting process
• Support and participate in the education of future audiologists

The full range of topics are designed to be either presented at your facility or as an online/virtual option. The seminars and workshops can be custom-tailored to meet your educational needs. For example, we can provide either a half-day or full-day of seminars and/or workshops to include students, staff and supervisors or, if better suited, one topic for a specific class. In general, the individual presentations have been designed to be anywhere from one to two hours in length. We can offer a combination of topics to best meet the time you have available.

Seminar topics

– Tele-Audiology

– Amplification Strategies for Special Populations

– Patient Counseling: Motivating the Unmotivated

– Oticon Core Features

– Pediatric Hearing Aid Fittings

– The Reaction to Age-Related Hearing Loss

– Preparing the New Patient

– The Distortional Nature of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

– The Tinnitus Patient: Management and Treatment Options

– Private Practice – Is It for You?

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Workshop topics

– Modeling and Modifications

– Classroom Solutions and Connectivity Options

– Understanding and Implementing Verification

– Hearing Aid Fitting Process: Counseling, Selection and Fine Tuning

  • Oticon's University Program

    Our onsite Seminar Series includes a full range of seminar topics presented by our staff, within your facility

  • Connect with us

    Connect with Oticon and students across the country on our OticonUSA Student Network Facebook Page

  • The Oticon Podcast Program

    Listen on demand to a variety of topics that define the Oticon approach to hearing care and why we create the solutions and support for your patients.

  • Summer Camp

    Learn and have an adventure with Oticon in the Rockies