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Meetings and Events

January 2019 Events

30th Annual Conference
January 17-18
Columbia, SC


ILLA 2019 Convention
January 24-25
Naperville, IL

February 2019 Events

University of Colorado Ultimate Midwinter Meeting
February 3-7
Vail, CO

JDVAC Conference 2019
February 4-6
Grapevine, TX

NHCA Conference 2019
February 7-9
Grapevine, TX

17th Annual GAA Convention
February 7-8
Atlanta, GA

Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama 2019 Convention
February 14-15
Birmingham, AL

WSHA 2019 Convention
February 14-16
Green Bay, WI


Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association 2019
February 20-23
Lexington, KY

MAA Conference 2019
February 21-22
Minneapolis, MN

Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association
February 28-March 2
Fort Worth, TX

USHA's 2019 Conference
February 28 & March 1
Salt Lake City, UT

American Auditory Society
February 28-March 2
Scottsdale, AZ

March 2019 Events

2019 SHAV Conference
March 6-9
Richmond, VA

47th Annual Tri-State Hearing Convention
March 7-9
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel, Portland, OR

Ohio Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention
March 7-9
Columbus, OH

South Carolina Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention
March 7-9
Greenville, SC


California Speech Language Hearing Association Convention
March 14-17
Pasadena, CA

Michigan Speech Language Hearing Association Convention
March 21-23
East Lansing, MI

AAA 2019, the Academy's Annual Conference and Exposition
March 27-30
Columbus, OH

Academy Research Conference 2019
March 27
Columbus, OH
A day-long conference coinciding with the first day of AAA 2019

April 2019 Events

Indiana Speech and Hearing Conference 2019
April 4-6
Indianoplis, IN

CAPCSD Conference 2019
April 10-13
San Diego, CA


The Audiology Project Web Seminar: Dentistry
April 23, 12:30-1:30pm
Presented by Jerry A. Brown, DMD, CDE

Annual Middle East Otolaryngology Conference and Exhibition
(me-oto 2019)

April 25-27
Dubai, UAE

May 2019 Events

The SAC Audiology Event
May 10-11
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

12th International TRI Tinnitus Conference
May 17-19
Taipei, Taiwan


14th EFAS Congress 2019
May 22-25
Lisbon, Portugal

The Audiology Project Web Seminar: Audiology
May 28, 12:30-1:30pm
Osborne College of Audiology and Salus University
Presented by Victor Bray, PhD

June 2019 Events

BSA Annual Conference 2019
June 5
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

4th International Meeting on Internet & Audiology
June 17-18
Southampton, United Kingdom

BSHAA 2019 Congress
June 21-22
London, United Kingdom


2019 EAA Summer Conference
June 23-25
Denver, Colorado

The Audiology Project Web Seminar: CDC and NDEP on IPE and IPC
June 25, 12:30-1:30pm
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Presented by Pamela Allweiss, MD, MPH


Summer Camp

Since 1998, we have offered an Audiology Summer Camp as part of the University Support Program.

The Oticon Audiology Summer Camp is a 5 day experience of seminars, workshops and discussions.  

Date:  July 27 to August 1, 2019. 

Registration is now closed for the 2019 Oticon Summer Camp.

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