Oticon, Inc. Expands Possibilities of Oticon Opn™ for Veterans Affairs Administration with Opn miniRITE Rechargeable and New ConnectClip

Somerset, NJ
1 May 2018

Many hearing care professionals in the Veterans Affairs Administration have already experienced how Oticon Opn™ can bring the benefits of less effort, better recall and better speech understanding in noise to US Veterans and active duty military service personnel. Now Oticon, Inc. will supply VA audiologists with two new solutions — Oticon Opn rechargeable and Oticon ConnectClip — to further expand the possibilities for Oticon Opn to benefit their patients. Opn miniRITE rechargeable hearing aids can be charged overnight for sufficient power to last throughout the day. New ConnectClip, a discreet intermediary device, turns Opn hearing aids into a high quality wireless headset for clear, hands-free calls from modern mobile phones, including iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.

"With our newest Oticon hearing solutions for the VA, we build on the success of the award-winning Oticon Opn to bring the open sound experience to even more veterans — including those who want the convenience of rechargeable batteries and hands-free calls from their smartphones," says David Horowitz, Director, Oticon Government Services.

All-day Power
The rechargeable Oticon Opn miniRITE can be powered throughout the day by simply placing the hearing aids in the easy-to-use charger overnight. The rechargeable solution gives users maximum flexibility to interchange the rechargeable 312 batteries with disposable batteries if the user forgets to recharge the hearing aids overnight. It is estimated that one pair of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries can save up to 150-200 disposable batteries per year.

On-the-Go Connectivity & Remote Microphone
Oticon ConnectClip is the newest addition to the comprehensive and easy-to-use range of Oticon connectivity devices designed to improve users' listening and communication experiences. Sound from modern mobile phones, including iPhone® and Android™ smartphones, is streamed directly to the hearing aids and ConnectClip’s directional microphones pick up the wearer's voice.

ConnectClip also serves double-duty as a remote/partner microphone, providing improved intelligibility of the speaker wearing it, either at a distance (up to 65 feet), in very noisy environments or in a combination of the two. Wearers can also use ConnectClip as a remote control to adjust volume and change programs on their hearing aids discreetly with just the touch of a button.

Professional Support
Oticon Government Services conducts trainings across the country and throughout the year to support Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense audiologists and technicians in increasing success for their patients. The Oticon Government Services team is available for individual or group training sessions. Reach out to the team directly to schedule a training today at 877.310.9681.

To learn more about ConnectClip and expanded Oticon Opn family, visit www.oticon.com/solutions/for-veterans.

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