Oticon DRIVE Marketing Conference Steers Hearing Care Professionals Through Challenges & Opportunities of a Competitive Hearing Health Care Marketplace

Somerset, NJ
8 June 2018

More than 150 hearing care professionals participated in the 2018 Oticon Drive Marketing Conference held June 1-3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Oticon "marketing intensive" aims to empower independent practitioners to accelerate practice growth with marketing approaches and tools designed to reach the consumers who are vital to their practice success. In expert presentations and workshops, conference participants discovered how a powerful combination of industry-leading hearing technology and comprehensive business support gives them unprecedented opportunity to thrive in today’s competitive hearing health care marketplace.

"There is no question that marketing has contributed to the success that hearing care professionals have experienced with Oticon Opn™ with more than one million sold globally," said Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver, AuD, MBA. "Through knowledge-sharing events like the Drive Marketing Conference, our professional partners can build on that success with new and innovative strategies that increase the effectiveness and reach of all aspects of their marketing programs."

Expert Speakers and Game-Changing Strategies
Best-selling author and social media guru David Meerman Scott showed conference participants how to generate attention and drive new business in today's always-on, web-driven world. His meaningful, measurable and no-cost approach uses blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Newsjacking and other new tools to win consumers' "hearts and minds" and create content they are eager to share.

Karen Post, President of Brain Tattoo Branding and internationally recognized consultant and business authority, provided guidelines for taking practice marketing to a higher level by emphasizing benefit-driven results that motivate action. In her presentation and follow-up workshops, Post outlined strategies for hearing care professionals to become the "provider of choice" in their marketplace with a distinctive practice brand that adds value and generates brand loyalty.

Human behavior expert Colette Carlson, CPS, advised conference participants that "to make a sale and earn a customer, you must first make a connection." Her presentation focused on behaviors and phraseology that create meaningful connections with consumers and builds trust and increases sales, repeat patients and powerful referrals.

Conference participants learned how sharing research results on tested and proven products in their daily interactions with patients can distinguish their practice and enhance patient satisfaction. Presenters discussed new research showing how Oticon Opn with OpenSound Navigator™ reduces listening effort, making communication less exhausting and moving the 'giving up' point for when a person with hearing loss starts to give up, can be used to encourage patients to engage in social situations they may have avoided in the past.

Throughout the conference, interactive workshops explored both new and proven marketing tools that nurture leads and increase lead generation and customer engagement. Participants learned how affiliation with Your Hearing Network offers independent hearing care professionals strength in numbers and a competitive advantage, while allowing them to retain their practice autonomy.

“Through knowledge-sharing events like the Drive Marketing Conference, we aim to empower our hearing care partners to stay at the forefront of hearing care, with the latest research, premium technology and cutting-edge business support they need to thrive,” said Oliver.

For more information on Oticon, visit www.oticon.com.


From left to right: Danielle Tryanski, Michael Irby, Jessica Defauw, Sheena Oliver, Gary Rosenblum, Nancy Palmere, Karen Post, David Meerman Scott