Oticon Expands Styles, Features of Oticon More™, Offering More Listening Options To Benefit Patients

Somerset, NJ
31 August 2021

Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, Inc. is expanding the Oticon More™ family of hearing aids, adding new options and styles that enable even more users and patients to experience the benefits of Oticon’s life-changing technology. These additions, including the Oticon More miniRITE T with disposable batteries and the new Oticon CROS PX transmitter for patients with single-sided deafness, give hearing aid wearers even more options to match their lifestyles and preferences. The expansion also includes Oticon MyMusic, a tailor-made music-oriented signal processing program.

Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology is the world’s first hearing aid built with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). Trained on more than 12 million real-life sounds, the DNN processes speech like the human brain, resulting in a more natural representation of sounds that improves speech understanding. In fact, eight out of 10 people prefer the sound quality of Oticon More over two leading competitors.*

These new styles, settings, and accessories reinforce Oticon’s commitment to providing life-changing technologies that deliver the best possible sound quality to users.

More styles, more options to fit user lifestyles
Oticon More gives people with mild-to-severe hearing loss a fuller, more balanced and more effortless listening experience. Now, it’s available in an additional style to fit a variety of lifestyles.

The new Oticon More miniRITE T is designed for users who prefer disposable batteries. The miniRITE T, along with the existing rechargeable miniRITE R, includes a telecoil and Bluetooth® technology for direct streaming from iPhone®, iPad® and select Android™ devices.

Users can choose from eight colors to match their personal style.

Dual streaming for single-sided deafness
The new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter provides a fuller, more immersive sound experience for people with single-sided deafness. Compatible with all Oticon More hearing aids, both the Oticon CROS PX and the original Oticon CROS feature advanced dual streaming technology that allows users to stream TV or music while carrying on a conversation with someone on their poorer hearing side.

Tailor-made sound processing for a richer music experience
Now available for all Oticon More hearing aid wearers, Oticon MyMusic is a new, dedicated music program that offers music lovers a richer listening experience. The program’s specially designed music-oriented signal processing captures the complex dynamics of music, ensuring crystal clear sound quality when streaming or listening to music live.

For more information about the expanded Oticon More family and accessories, visit www.oticon.com/more.

*Man BKL, Garnæs MF, Løve S. Oticon More competitive benchmark Part 2—Clinical Evidence. 2021.

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