Know a Remarkable Individual with Hearing Loss? Nominate them for the Oticon Focus on People Awards Today

Somerset, NJ
15 May 2019

Hearing aid manufacturer seeks nominations for individuals with hearing loss and hearing care professionals who are making an impact in the world

Today, hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, Inc. opened the call for nominations for the 2019 Oticon Focus on People Awards, which opens new doors of opportunity for those with hearing loss. For over two decades, the award program has recognized extraordinary students, adults and advocates with hearing loss, as well as hearing care professionals nationwide, who have made significant accomplishments in their lives and for the hearing impaired community.

There are four categories for the Oticon Focus on People Awards:

Student, for full-time students with hearing loss, ages 6–25

Adult, for those ages 21 and above with hearing loss

Advocacy, for adults with hearing loss who are actively involved in support efforts for the hard-of-hearing or deaf communities

Practitioner, for hearing care professionals who are currently in practice in either a school or clinical setting. Nominees in the Practitioner category are not required to have hearing loss.

Nominations can be submitted online at until June 20, 2019.

“Year after year, we’re inspired by individuals of all ages who are nominated for the Focus on People Awards,” says Nancy Palmere, Director of Consumer Marketing and Public Relations for Oticon, Inc. “These role models are an example to us all that perceived disabilities, like hearing loss, do not limit one’s potential and ability to make a difference in the world. Whether in their communities, local governments, families, school systems or national organizations, every Focus on People Awards nominee challenges misconceptions about hearing loss through their outstanding achievements across disciplines.”

Following the call for nominations, three finalists in each category will be selected for online voting, which will determine who receives first, second, and third place. All 12 finalists receive a cash prize, and the four first place winners receive a donation to a charity of their choice. First place winners in the Student, Adult and Advocacy categories will also receive a pair of Oticon’s advanced hearing aids, like Oticon Opn S™.

For more information on the Oticon Focus on People Awards and to nominate an exceptional person today, visit

About Oticon
Oticon is one of the most innovative hearing device manufacturers with more than 110 years of experience putting the needs of people with hearing loss first. Oticon has spearheaded a number of technological breakthroughs, which have made a significant difference for people with hearing loss. Oticon’s “brain first” audiological focus recognizes that speech understanding and comprehension are cognitive processes that happen in the brain. Oticon’s innovative BrainHearing™ technology is helping to provide better hearing with less effort by giving the brain the clearest, purest sound signals to decode. Oticon designs and manufactures hearing solutions for adults and specialized pediatric instruments. People First is Oticon’s strongest and most valued commitment to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. For more information visit

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