Inium Sense technology

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Inium Sense Platform

A more natural listening experience

The Inium Sense sound processing platform brings an increased level of processing power to our BrainHearing technologies to help patients experience better hearing with less effort – even in the most challenging listening environments.

30% more processing power

Oticon hearing instruments use sophisticated processing to alter only the parts of the signal that the individual ear doesn’t hear well. With 30% more processing power, Inium Sense provides more complete support for how the brain processes sound.

  • Improved real-time processing for a signal more like what a healthy ear would deliver

  • Improved soft speech understanding with Soft Speech Booster*

  • Faster feedback detection and removal with the Inium Sense feedback shield



Soft Speech Booster

Understand soft sounds

Making sense of soft sounds is an important part of making sense of a listening situation – moreover, they provide the details for understanding of soft speech. Soft Speech Booster improves soft speech understanding by up to 20% and opens the way for achieving even greater satisfaction. With the Inium Sense platform, your patients get more gain (hearing aid amplification) on soft speech, enriching delicate moments and private conversations without compromising feedback and sound quality.

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Speech Guard E

Understand speech

Speech Guard works to make the world and all its sounds as clear and distinct as possible. The technology provides clinically evidenced improvements to speech understanding in noisy situations and makes it easier to engage actively in conversations. It helps to reduce the effort required to understand speech and makes it easier for your patients to select and switch between conversation partners.

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Spatial Sound

Locate sounds

Our ability to precisely determine where sounds are coming from can be crucial in everyday life. Spatial hearing helps you take appropriate action when sounds come from different directions and sources, by either moving to safety or turning your head to optimize hearing conditions. Spatial Sound uses the differences in sound at the two ears to create the auditory world around us, making it easier to orient and locate sounds.

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Customize your sound experience

Modern advanced hearing aids provide a significant amount of flexibility in the setting of sound processing features. YouMatic takes your patient's preferences into account and creates an individual profile, which ensures a more precise fitting from the very start. The result is hearing aids with a personal setting, which make them react and respond to the exact needs of your patient.

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Free Focus

Focus on relevant sounds

Free Focus supports the brain’s ability to focus while continuing to orient and separate sounds. It adapts automatically to the sound environment, providing help to focus or allowing access to the full sound picture. Free Focus offers several modes of directionality. Your hearing care professional can provide you with the settings that are just right for you.

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Inium Sense feedback shield

Avoid feedback

The feedback management system is capable of detecting risks of feedback fast, prevent it effectively and eliminate sudden howling. Inium Sense feedback shield combines new technologies for ultra-fast detection of feedback risks and effective elimination of feedback. Your patients won't notice it working as it will only kick-in in critical situations where feedback is prone to occur, while maintaining a consistent sound level and optimal sound quality.

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Speech Rescue™

Get the speech details

Some people with severe-to-profound hearing loss can use additional help to better understand the details of speech, especially important, higher frequency sounds.

Once the ‘s’, ‘th’ and other critical high frequency sounds have been rescued by Speech Rescue™, our Speech Guard E compression steps in to deliver just the right amplification in high-quality sound while preserving the differences in intensity from soft to loud. Hearing more speech cues will help your patients perceive speech more clearly.

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