Personal profiles are used to control the automatic systems in the Inium Sense products. The initial setting of the personal profile is based on your patients’ unique hearing abilities and sound preferences. The personalization process incorporates more of the client’s sound preferences in both the Initial Fitting and the follow-up Optimization Session.

The personalization process is geared for different groups of users. The needs and expectations between new, experienced, and super power users vary. The personalization process has been designed to address each group's unique needs and ensure their needs are taken into account during the fitting process.


YouMatic makes "more personal" possible

YouMatic enables you to factor more personal dimensions into the hearing instruments’ reactions and responses.

YouMatic allows for further customization based on your patient’s experience and hearing profile. The personalization process provides unique questions for patients who are new to hearing instruments and those with a more severe hearing loss.

The key to this level of personalization is Inium Sense’s signal processing, which performs constant environment detection and analysis and maps this information to your patient’s hearing abilities, needs and preferences.


Personalized and optimized

As a listening situation gets more complex, the hearing instrument needs to provide more listening support for the hearing instrument user. However, just exactly when a situation is difficult enough to require help and how much support is needed differs from person to person. This is why we offer Personal Profiles, which support a full range of hearing needs and personal sound preferences.

YouMatic monitors the following automatic systems within the hearing instrument:

  • Frequency Response

  • Compression

  • Transient Management

  • Directionality

  • Noise Management