inium sense feedback shield

Inium Sense feedback shield

The Inium Sense feedback shield takes advantage of the improved performance of the Inium Sense platform with faster feedback detection and removal, quicker gain recovery and the ability to prevent feedback faster and more efficiently. Oticon’s Inium Sense feedback shield provides an effective approach to feedback management with excellent sound quality while keeping the signal free of howls and artifacts.

The Inium Sense feedback shield utilizes phase inversion, frequency shifting and a precise gain manager to prevent and eliminate feedback. Some alternative systems significantly reduce high frequency gain to eliminate the chance of feedback which can result in reduced audibility. Other systems prevent whistling and howling but create distortions or artifacts that affect sound quality. The Inium Sense feedback shield works to prevent feedback while safeguarding audibility, preserving high frequency gain, maintaining a more natural and undisturbed sound quality.


Inium Sense feedback shieldSP is specifically designed for severe-to-profound hearing loss.

With the introduction of Dynamo Super Power, Inium Sense feedback shield has been modified specifically for the high output found in super power instruments. In Inium Sense feedback shieldSP the operating range has been expanded and shifted to the lower frequency regions where output is higher and the risk of feedback is increased for super power patients. In addition, the standard frequency shift of 20 Hz has been reduced to 10 Hz to reduce the potential effect of artifacts and signal disruption of speech cues in lower frequency regions.