Oticon Opn™

Now, with the addition of Opn Custom styles even more Veterans can benefit from the Open Sound Experience


A full line of Opn styles available on VA Contract

We've added more styles, more advanced technologies, and more practical features, to help you deliver the open sound experience to more Veteran patients. With all these options, the Oticon Opn range can cover the particular needs of most people with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe-to-profound. What’s more, all Oticon Opn models are compatible with Verifit®LINK, which connects Genie 2 with your clinic’s Verifit systems to drive more efficiency in your verification process.




Opn Accessories and Options


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    Opn miniRITE Rechargeable

    Opn miniRITE Rechargeable is a welcome solution for patients who want the convenience of rechargeable batteries. With the easy-to-use charger, Opn can be powered throughout the day by simply placing the hearing aids in the charger overnight.

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    ConnectClip turns Opn hearing aids into a high quality, wireless headset for hands-free calls and easy listening to music or podcasts in stereo. The discreet accessory works with any modern smartphone, music player or computer.

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    MicroShell with an embedded receiver allows you to provide your patients with a deep and comfortable fit, with great retention and aesthetics.



Oticon Opn technology

Groundbreaking technology from Oticon is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the soundscape, and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it allows users to access and handle multiple speakers simultaneously.

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Open up and connect to a world of possibilities

Not only does Opn allow users to connect to their smart phones and listen to their TV and music directly thorough their hearing instruments, Opn opens up a new world of opportunities by being able to connect to other smart devices through the Internet.

The Oticon ON App allows users to adjust volume, switch programs and more.

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Expand your tinnitus toolbox with Opn

Tinnitus SoundSupport™ — is available in all Oticon Opn styles. Choose from a variety of relief sounds, including the popular ocean-like sounds, that can be adjusted to your patient's personal preferences.

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Hearing care professionals love the benefits they’re able to offer their patients with Opn

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Simply the best

Oticon Opn™ is the best, most advanced hearing aid we have ever made.

Elegant and discreet, Oticon Opn™ is available in 8 different colors to blend with your patients' skin tone and hair color, or they can select a stylish accent color of their choice.


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