Oticon Opn™ is powered by the Velox platform, offering the best in resolution and speed. This powerful platform makes it possible for Opn to host specialized technologies that address a wide range of needs, and open the world to more users. A synergy of these technologies work together to create the unparalleled open sound experience.

* Compared to Inium Sense

•  50 times faster data processing than ever before* 
•  64 frequency channels for higher resolution 
•  Full environmental analysis 100+ times a second
•  Capacity to handle 1,200 million operations per second
•  Revolutionary TwinLink™ wireless communication
•  2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity
•  Speech Rescue™ LX, frequency composition technology


Velox supports the open sound experience

The powerful Velox platform makes it possible to host the revolutionary signal processing technology in Opn – the OpenSound Navigator™. With speed and precision, the OpenSound Navigator handles multiple, dynamic speech and noise sources by analyzing, balancing, and removing noise even between words in an open soundscape. In a split second, it gives the brain accurate information in the way it naturally makes sense of sound.

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Closing down sounds, closes down life

Technological limitations of other hearing aids have led to the use of narrow directionality, enhancing speech coming from the front, while suppressing the rest of the sound environment.


OpenSound Navigator™ opens up life

With the OpenSound Navigator, directionality as we know it is now a thing of the past. Powered by the Velox platform, Oticon Opn delivers the ultra-fast sound analysis and processing needed to provide hearing aid users with access to all the sounds in their lives. Results from recent independent studies confirm how Oticon Opn delivers increased speech understanding and better interaction with multiple speakers.


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The speed and power of the Velox platform has enabled Opn™ to take Oticon’s proven BrainHearing™ technologies to a new level. Advancements in Opn core technologies include: Spatial Sound™ LX , Speech Guard ™ LX , Speech Rescue LX, TwinLink and more.


Spatial Sound LX for precise sound location

With Spatial Sound LX, binaural data is transmitted at streaming speed from one ear to the other, giving users the accurate spatial information they need to localize sounds.

[iframe src="//wdh.23video.com/12841282.ihtml/player.html?token=336393d7ddcb52e1ee163a15bff7c5be&source=embed&photo%5fid=20440904" width="900" height="655" frameborder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" webkitallowfullscreen="1" gesture="media"][/iframe]

Speech Guard LX improves speech understanding in noisy environments

Speech Guard LX preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details for better speech understanding with less effort even in complex environments.
See how Speech Guard LX preserves the entire waveform without compromising signal strength or quality.

[iframe src="//wdh.23video.com/12841282.ihtml/player.html?token=c2e65276ccffc5e8b259ac3e8ba7b015&source=embed&photo%5fid=20440970" width="900" height="655" frameborder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" webkitallowfullscreen="1" gesture="media"][/iframe]

Speech Rescue™ LX

Get the speech details

Speech Rescue_thumb 

Some individuals with significant hearing loss in the higher frequencies benefit from Speech Rescue LX, a unique technology that copies the inaudible high frequencies and recodes them to the more audible mid frequency regions. Thanks to the ultra fast Velox platform and OpenSound Navigator, recoding and processing happen in real time, swiftly and precisely, while preserving the normal intensity differences in the dynamic range of the signal.

Speech Rescue LX is available in all Opn styles and technology levels.

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    Additional Opn Technologies

    Opn builds on Oticon’s proven BrainHearing technologies with updates to our core features and introduces new advancements. 

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    Oticon Opn

    New features in Oticon Opn represent a paradigm shift in hearing care.

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    Opn Wireless Connectivity

    Oticon Opn provides easy connectivity on the go or at home without wearing a streamer around the neck.

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