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Oticon Opn™ is powered by the Velox platform, offering the best in resolution and speed. This powerful platform makes it possible for Opn to host specialized technologies that address a wide range of needs, and open the world to more users. A synergy of these technologies work together to create the unparalleled open sound experience.

* Compared to Inium Sense

•  50 times faster data processing than ever before* 
•  64 frequency channels for higher resolution 
•  Full environmental analysis 100+ times a second
•  Capacity to handle 1,200 million operations per second
•  Revolutionary TwinLink™ wireless communication
•  2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity
•  Speech Rescue™ LX, frequency composition technology

  • Closing down sounds,
    closes down life



    Technological limitations of other hearing aids have led to the use of narrow directionality, enhancing speech coming from the front, while suppressing the rest of the sound environment.

  • OpenSound Navigator™
    opens up life



    The OpenSound Navigator technology scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second, rapidly and precisely attenuating disturbing noise, even between individual words. This makes directionality as we know it a thing of the past.


The speed and power of the Velox platform has enabled Opn™ to take Oticon's proven BrainHearing™ technologies to a new level. Advancements in Opn core technologies include: Spatial Sound™ LX, Speech Guard ™ LX, Speech Rescue LX, TwinLink and more.

Spatial Sound LX for precise sound location

With Spatial Sound LX, binaural data is transmitted at streaming speed from one ear to the other, giving users the accurate spatial information they need to localize sounds.

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Speech Guard LX improves speech understanding in noisy environments

Speech Guard LX preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details for better speech understanding with less effort even in complex environments.

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Speech Rescue™ LX

Speech Rescue LX copies inaudible high frequencies and recodes them to more audible mid frequency regions. This technology can help those who have significant hearing loss in the high frequencies.

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TwinLink technology — a world's first

Oticon Opn features two dedicated communication systems — one for outstanding binaural processing and one for powerful direct streaming to external devices.

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