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OpenSound Optimizer™:

A breakthrough in sound quality

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Optimal gain. Open fitting.
No feedback.

Oticon Opn S™ defies conventional technology with a new and unparalleled approach to feedback management. The groundbreaking OpenSound Optimizer proactively anticipates feedback before it occurs.

  • Analyzes amplified sound at an astonishing 56,000 times per second
  • Provides up to 6 dB more gain in an open fitting — without the risk of feedback*
  • Improves speech understanding, without compromising clarity and sound quality

*For prescribed fittings, according to best practice

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96% of users prefer new Oticon Opn S over Oticon Opn* 

Better speech intelligibility and improved sound quality are the top 2 reasons why Oticon Opn users prefer Opn S. This improvement is due to a unique interaction that starts with OpenSound Optimizer working in harmony with OpenSound Navigator™ to provide a cleaner and clearer speech signal in noisy surroundings. The two systems working together contribute to better speech understanding and reduced listening effort.**

*Oticon Opn S Promotional Sheet, 2019
**Juul Jensen 2019, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S 1

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OpenSound Optimizer delivers 30% more speech cues to the brain

OpenSound Optimizer elevates the power of BrainHearing™ to the next level. With stable gain throughout the day, plus up to 6 additional dB in an open fitting, Oticon Opn S can provide the brain with up to 30% more speech cues.*

*Callaway 2019, Oticon whitepaper

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From feedback management to feedback prevention

Accurate target matching. Open fittings. More gain.

Until now, anti-feedback technology has been reactive, aggressively manipulating the sound and reducing gain after the feedback occurs. Too slow to anticipate feedback risk, traditional systems can degrade signal integrity and compromise optimal gain, comfort and sound quality.

The evolution from management to prevention:

  1. No feedback management

    Audible and uncomfortable feedback with reduced speech understanding.

  2. Traditional anti-feedback

    Slow detectors take up to 1 second to detect and aggressively react to feedback.

  3. Opn S with OpenSound Optimizer

    Ultra-fast detectors and a patented breaker signal prevents feedback before it occurs and before sound quality is affected.*

*Callaway 2019 whitepaper

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Stable gain all day long in an open fitting

For maximum user freedom and performance

Traditional systems are limited. They can handle feedback in static situations when there is no activity around the user's head and no jaw or neck movements. In dynamic activities – whenever the user touches their ear, wears a hat, chews food, or hugs someone – these systems reduce gain and audibility.

  • Traditional Technology


  • OpenSound Optimizer


OpenSound Optimizer easily handles that issue for patients, utilizing a multi-patented method of preventing audible feedback before it occurs. It also gives you additional confidence in being able to match prescribed targets and to choose a more open fitting.

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