Genie key features

Genie key features

High-precision fittings

Live demonstration tools and real-life sounds help you demonstrate new products and features. Built-in videos help you teach people how to use and take care of their hearing instruments.

Use Genie for:

• Fitting 
• Counseling 
• Product demonstrations 
• Staff training 
• Remote online support from Oticon

Communicate clearly with instructional videos

Genie offers direct access to a wide variety of instructional videos on hearing instrument care and maintenance. These are perfect for first-time users – and for clients who have upgraded their instruments. You can even find videos on how to set up ConnectLine devices with TVs, phones and MP3 players. 

Keep things real with the Sound Studio

With Genie you can simulate real-life sounds and situations in the comfort of your clinic. The Sound Studio is ideal for demonstrating speech understanding, testing loudness and checking soft sounds. It also provides insight into the user’s perception of how effectively the instruments cope with real-life sounds.

Simple alterations with the Fitting Assistant

When users have difficulty understanding speech in noise, or when the sound quality is too sharp, the Fitting Assistant allows you to alter the sound quality with just one click of the mouse.

Links to Oticon Counseling

Shortcuts to Oticon Counseling are available directly from the task pane in Genie. With this you can hop in and out of specific areas in Oticon Counseling. Oticon Counseling offers informative audio and visual modules to help you communicate potentially complex information in a way that both clients and their relatives can comprehend.

Better measurements with in-situ audiometry

With in-situ audiometry you can:

  • Measure hearing thresholds directly in the client’s ear using the instrument they will actually be wearing, for an authentic acoustic experience.
  • Conveniently perform measurements in various quiet environments such as the client’s home or other rooms outside the clinic.
  • Enhance the quality of demonstration fittings.

Easier upgrades through Genie Updater 

With Genie Updater you will no longer have to wait for DVDs to gain access to new devices and features; you have the possibility to install new versions of Genie or the latest updates as soon as they are released.