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Join the new Business Enhancement Support PLUS Rewards Program

Thank you for your interest in Oticon Business Enhancement Support PLUS (BES+) Rewards Program. Together, let’s elevate the standard of hearing healthcare. Join the Business Enhancement Support PLUS (BES+) Rewards Program, and together we can enrich and grow your business.

BES+ allows you to earn points from each of your qualified Oticon hearing aid purchases. Your points can be redeemed for purchases of valuable items that position your practice for growth, including marketing, equipment and education. Let BES+ support your mission to care for more patients. For complete Terms and Conditions about the Oticon Business Enhancement Support Program, visit oticon.com/bss-terms.

Please note: Your enrollment in Business Support Services is subject to eligibility criteria.

Earn Rewards points from these Oticon product purchases and their private label equivalents!


Oticon Intent 1*, Intent 2, Intent 3, Intent 4,
Oticon Real 1*, Real 2, Real 3
Oticon More 1, More 2, More 3
Oticon Play PX 1, Play PX 2
Opn Play 1, Opn Play 2
Zircon 1
Ruby 1
Opn S 1, Opn S 2, Opn S 3


Oticon Own 1*, Own 2, Own 3, Own 4

Power Products

Oticon Xceed 1*, Xceed 2, Xceed 3
Xceed Play 1, Xceed Play 2

*Indicates this product is eligible for PLUSPerks