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Stay sharp in the real world

Experience the richness of Oticon Real

Real‑world sounds occur constantly and suddenly.  And while they add depth and context, more than 7 out of 10 hearing aid users are challenged daily by disruptive sounds.* The result? It’s harder for them to focus and socializing demands more effort.

*Gade, P., Brændgaard, M., Flocken, H., Preszcator, D., & Santurette, S. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer — Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

Delivering the sounds of the real world

With innovative technology designed to handle the real sounds of life, Oticon Real is powered by Polaris R™ and RealSound Technology™. It builds on the technology in Oticon More™ by giving patients access to all relevant sounds, in balance, with exceptional detail and clarity. Oticon Real also includes technologies that balance sudden disruptive sounds and clean up wind and handling noise, so patients can be comfortable and stay sharp in the real world.


  • New Velox S Platform

    BrainHearing™ benefits

    Because sounds are processed by the brain, that’s where we focus

  • Rechargeable solution

    Deep Neural Network (DNN)
    powered by Polaris R

    The on-board DNN in Oticon Real is powered by our Polaris R platform

  • wireless connections

    RealSound Technology

    MoreSound Intelligence™ 2.0, MoreSound Amplifier™ 2.0, and MoreSound Optimizer™ work in harmony to help patients stay sharp

  • wireless connections

    SuddenSound Stabilizer

    Balances both soft and loud sudden sounds instantly

  • OpenSound Optimizer

    Wind & Handling Stabilizer

    Technology that helps protect against uncomfortable wind and handling noise

  • wireless connections

    Real features and benefits

    Explore the Oticon Real family of hearing aids with convenient rechargeability options

  • OpenSound Optimizer

    Real connectivity and accessories

    Oticon Real keeps patients connected and sharp in the real world

velox s opn s technology

Oticon Real offers real-life benefits for patients

  •  Provides access to the full spectrum of real-world sounds 

  •  Offers outstanding detail, clarity, and balance 

  •  Reduces disruptive sounds 

  •  Significantly improves speech clarity compared to previous technology 

  •  Significantly reduces the listening effort caused by challenging listening conditions 

  •  Helps patients stay comfortable and sharp 

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Building the Real sound experience

  • txt-img-spot-dnn-1200x788

    Deep Neural Network (DNN)


    Oticon Real includes an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN), trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes. This DNN makes sounds more distinct and works seamlessly across varying listening environments.

  • txt-img-spot-polris-r-1200x788

    Polaris R Platform


    The Polaris R platform in Oticon Real includes detectors for fast and precise processing of disruptive sounds. This ensures that details of all sounds are processed automatically and precisely — for the most optimal sound output.

RealSound Technology 

The power of three technologies working as one  


  • OpenSound Optimizer

    MoreSound Intelligence 2.0

    With Wind & Handling Stabilizer
    MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 provides access to all the relevant sounds in the environment and includes Wind & Handling Stabilizer to provide patients a more comfortable listening experience.

  • wireless connections

    MoreSound Amplifier 2.0

    With SuddenSound Stabilizer
    MoreSound Amplifier 2.0 provides precise and balanced amplification of all meaningful sounds with the help of the SuddenSound Stabilizer — detecting and controlling soft and loud sudden sounds instantly and precisely so they are audible, but not uncomfortable.

  • OpenSound Optimizer

    MoreSound Optimizer

    Detects and prevents feedback proactively
    MoreSound Optimizer detects and prevents feedback before it even occurs, making it possible for the hearing aid to provide optimal gain all day.

velox s opn s technology

SuddenSound Stabilizer

Instantly and precisely balances soft and loud sudden sounds

Disruptive sounds are constantly occurring all around us. Soft sudden sounds — like tapping on a keyboard — and loud sudden sounds — like slamming a door — demand a very different type of processing compared to other types of sound. Utilizing detectors, SuddenSound Stabilizer monitors the sound environment and instantly adapts amplification to keep both soft and loud sudden sounds available, balanced, and comfortable. This helps patients remain aware of what’s happening around them and stay sharp. See how Oticon Real with SuddenSound Stabilizer reduces listening effort and improves speech clarity in the presence of sudden sounds.

Explore the evidence


Wind & Handling Stabilizer

Oticon Real outperforms top competitors on managing both wind and handling noise

Wind can often cause disruptions and unpleasant sounds in hearing aids. Handling sounds, such as hands, hair, or glasses touching the hearing aid microphones, also creates an unpleasant sound. Oticon Real protects against uncomfortable wind and handling noise with technology that detects and cleans up wind and handling noise 500 times per second, resulting in a more comfortable listening experience, with better access to speech in windy environments that significantly outperforms top competitors.*

Explore the evidence

*Gade et al. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer — Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

Designed for the real world


  • OpenSound Optimizer

    Real advancements

    • Featuring the Polaris R platform with updated detectors

    • Taking the on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) to the next level

    • Seamless connectivity — with hands-free calls*

  • wireless connections

    Real options

    •  4 models (miniRITE R, miniRITE T, miniBTE R, and miniBTE T)

    •  3 performance levels

    •  9 colors**

    •  A wide range of connectivity options

  • OpenSound Optimizer

    Real rechargeability

    • Recharge at home or on the go for a full day of power***

    • SmartCharger lets patients recharge their hearing aids on the go with a built-in power bank

    •  Desktop charger lets patients charge while they’re sleeping and wake up to full power for the day***

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*Hands-free communication is available with iPhone® 11 or later running iOS 15.2 or later, and iPad® running iPadOS® 15.2 or later. Mac® devices with macOS® 14 Sonoma, can use hands-free communication with select Mac devices with M1 chip, and all Mac devices with M2 chip.
**Olive green is only available for the miniRTE R.
***Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle, and streaming behavior.

  • txt-img-spot-connectivity-1200x788-v3

    Direct streaming, hands-free calls and more


    • Enables both hands-free calls on select Mac®, iPhone® and iPad® devices* and direct streaming from select Android™ devices**

    • Features Bluetooth® Low Energy technology with an extensive range of connectivity options

    • Pair it with the Oticon Companion App, the all-in-one solution that gives your patients the support they need to easily control and personalize their hearing aids

  • img-spot-accessories-1200x788

    A wide range of connectivity accessories


    •  ConnectClip works as a remote microphone, a remote control, and can even turn the hearing aids into a wireless headset. Enables streaming from any Bluetooth device and enables comfortable hands-free calls  

    •  TV Adapter streams sound from the TV directly to the hearing aids 

    • Remote Control adjusts volume, switches program, or mutes the hearing aids with the touch of a button

    •  EduMic can be used as a remote microphone or to stream audio from computers, tablets, and more



*Hands-free communication is available with iPhone® 11 or later running iOS 15.2 or later, and iPad® running iPadOS® 15.2 or later.  Mac® devices with macOS® 14 Sonoma, can use hands-free communication with select Mac devices with M1 chip, and all Mac devices with M2 chip.
**Android™ devices need to support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Real. Please visit oticon.com/support/compatibility for more information.


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