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New 4D user-intent sensors fuel the sound processing in Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent expands on the possibilities of industry leading MoreSound technologies. With the world’s first user-intent sensors and the new Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0, MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0 provides personalized help based on the situation and the listener’s intention.

This, together with significant improvement to the MoreSound Amplifier™ 3.0 and the purpose-built, brand-new Sirius™ platform, enables us to take our BrainHearing™ technologies to the next level.

  • Personalized support with the world’s first user-intent sensors

    New BrainHearing insights reveal that people’s communication behavior reflects their listening needs and intentions via head and body movements.*

    With the introduction of our new premium hearing aid Oticon Intent, we incorporate information from head and body movement, conversation activity and the acoustic environment into the world’s first 4D Sensor technology.

    This groundbreaking technology seamlessly adapts to the user’s specific listening needs – even within the same sound environment. Oticon Intent helps users move beyond just hearing and listening, helping them to communicate and fully engage in life.

    *Higgins et al. (2023). Head movement and its relation to hearing.


    Explore the 4D sensors in Oticon Intent

    Acoustic environment
    Sensors gather details of the 360º sound scene around the listener as it varies within listening environments and between environments.

    Head movement
    Sensors monitor if and how the user moves their head to understand the type of communication situation.

    Body movement
    Physical movement sensors help anticipate the need for increased spatial awareness support.

    Conversation activity
    Monitoring if there is an active conversation or not informs the system to prioritize speech.

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The full sound environment in higher clarity and better balance than ever

MoreSound Intelligence 3.0 is a groundbreaking technology that makes it easier for users to enjoy, follow and engage in conversations. It comprehensively scans and precisely analyzes the sound scene. Then it organizes the sounds around the user and utilizes the brand new on‑board DNN 2.0 to process and create contrast among the identified sounds.

New MSI 3.0 brings users the full sound scene in much higher clarity and balance in any situation than ever before. And what’s more, thanks to the 4D sensors, it seamlessly adapts to the user’s specific listening needs delivering personalized support based on the situation and the user’s intention, for significantly improved speech comprehension.


Oticon Intent includes a brand-new, second‑generation DNN 2.0, delivering better sound quality, clearer speech, and more efficient noise suppression.

This advanced technology drives a hearing aid that works more like the brain, because it has learned through experience. This enables a more accurate representation of sound in the brain and better access to sounds all around the hearing aid user.*

  • Trained on an even greater diversity of sound samples, where most are challenging and complex

  • Higher demands on the performance of the DNN in the training phase

  • Improved preservation of the original sound, resulting in less loss of cues for both speech and noise

  • Suppression of unwanted sounds by up to 12 dB in complex environments — 2 dB more than previously

*Santurette et al. (2020). Oticon Whitepaper.


Our new MoreSound Amplifier 3.0 gives users precise and balanced amplification over a frequency range spanning from 80 Hz and all the way up to 10,000 Hz. The user experiences a fuller sound scene with a richer representation of the environment.

With cleaner and clearer sound input from MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, MoreSoundAmplifier 3.0 has a unique starting point for amplifying a whole range of sounds according to the needs of each user. This ensures MoreSound Amplifier 3.0 can provide all meaningful sounds in the full frequency range for all available fitting rationales.

MoreSound Optimizer proactively detects and prevents feedback without sacrificing gain. This unique and patented Spectro Temporal Modulation technology creates a breaker-signal that stops audible feedback before it happens. It’s instrumental in preventing invisible gain drops and providing optimal gain all day – so that the gain prescribed is the gain given. This gives users improved access to speech details with more natural sound, increased comfort, and improved speech understanding* — even in the most dynamic environments.

*Juul Jensen (2019). Oticon whitepaper.

More than 7 out of 10 hearing aid users are challenged by disruptive sounds in their everyday lives*. That’s why Oticon Intent comes with two innovative features designed to protect users from disruptive sounds while giving them full access to meaningful sounds – helping them engage in life fully.

*Gade, P., Brændgaard, M., Flocken, H., Preszcator, D., & Santurette, S. (2023). Wind & Handling Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

  • Disruptive sounds like slamming doors are everywhere. SuddenSound Stabilizer acts fast and precise enough to instantly detect when disruptions like this occur, providing the appropriate gain reduction and then immediately releasing the gain when the sound ends.

    SuddenSound Stabilizer reduces listening effort by 22%*, maintains speech understanding, and helps keep your patients engaged.**

  • The world’s first wind and handling noise prevention feature, the Wind & Handling Stabilizer detects and filters wind and handling noises 500 times per second. Using the microphone with the cleanest sound input, it prevents disruptive sounds from entering the system. Then it attenuates the remaining wind and handling noises from the other microphone efficiently and only in the frequencies that are affected by the noise.

    This provides a cleaner sound for further processing in MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, helping hearing aid users go about their day in comfort.

*Based on a 22% reduced mean pupil size as compared to the highest mean pupil size
**Santurette, S., Brændgaard, M., Wang, J., & Sun, K. (2023). SuddenSound Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.



Sirius is a cutting-edge platform built just for hearing aids. Its high processing capacity powers the groundbreaking innovations in Oticon Intent. The Sirius platform is future-ready, meaning Oticon Intent hearing aids can be wirelessly updated with our latest improvements.