2023 Focus on
People Awards

Student standouts


Yaduraj Choudhary

Downingtown, PA

Yaduraj, a first‑year student at the University of Pennsylvania, is the founder and president of 3 Tiny Bones, a student‑led nonprofit focused on destigmatizing hearing loss and educating communities on healthy hearing. With more than 300,000+ content views, 3 Tiny Bones is helping Yaduraj achieve his goal to bring hearing loss education into the mainstream and prevent hearing loss in youth and future generations. Yaduraj also partnered with his local school district to create Safe Hearing Zones at elementary, middle and high schools that protect students’ hearing at events and teach them about hearing health. He is currently working with legislators in the Pennsylvania House and Senate on bills related to hearing health education and sign language.


Alana Douglas

Denton, TX

Alana, a junior at Texas Woman’s University, knew that her progressive hearing loss had the potential to impact her career choice. Committed to serving her community through healthcare, she is pursuing a degree in nursing while also taking courses in American Sign Language. Alana plans to become a midwife focusing on the deaf community to ensure that they receive the best possible care during life‑changing experiences. This summer, Alana worked at week‑long day camps on coding and robotics run by TWU for deaf, hard‑of‑hearing and hearing children. For two hours once a week during the school year, Alana also taught code and robotics via Zoom to underserved Chicagoland students who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Ryan Fuller

Eureka, IL

Seventeen‑year‑old Ryan showed his determination to help change perceptions of hearing loss at a young age. In elementary school, Ryan asked his teacher to play a song, "Don't laugh at me”, as a reminder that even though students may be different from one another, we should treat them all the same. He also wrote “Billy the Bully Stomper”, a story about a bug who is bullied for wearing hearing aids, to help his classmates better understand the challenges of hearing loss. A scholar athlete and role model throughout his schooling, Ryan has played baseball and football, advocating for himself with coaches and referees/umpires. Following a knee injury, the team recognized Ryan’s leadership skills and appointed him honorary offensive line coach.

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