2022 Focus on
People Awards

Hearing Care Practitioner category


Jamie Marotto, AuD

Fairfield, CT

As Director of the Sacred Heart University (SHU) Undergraduate Program in Communication Disorders and Director of the Audiology Clinic, Dr. Marotto knows the value of integrating her classroom teaching with clinical experience, especially when caring for patients in underserved communities. In the clinic, students learn how evaluating and treating hearing loss across a lifespan can improve a patient’s ability to work, interact socially and minimize health risks associated with hearing loss. To further drive home the importance of using their knowledge and skills to give back, Dr. Marotto leads students on an annual service-learning trip to Guatemala to provide hearing-related services and hearing aid fittings to in-need children and adults.


Mary L. Frintner, AuD

Burbank, CA

In 30-plus years in audiology, Dr. Frintner has never ceased to advocate for the appropriate care for children with hearing loss. That passion extends to the care they receive in her practice, Burbank Audiology Center, and beyond – through a program she established called “Listen through Literacy.” Many of her patients are children from low-income households. To encourage families to read to their children to develop a love of reading and build literacy, all children that come to her practice can choose a book to take home. Dr. Frintner recently fitted 10-year-old Lev and his nine-year-old sister Vlada, refugees from war-torn Ukraine, with hearing aids and provided them with books, backpacks, lunch bags and all the school supplies they need to be ready to learn.


Dawn Heiman, AuD

Woodridge, IL

Dr. Heiman is a powerful and respected voice for hearing healthcare in her community, spreading the word across many social channels to increase awareness of hearing loss, the value of regular care and the importance of early detection and treatment. In her popular podcast, Hearing Wellness Journey, she shares opinions and stories from hearing care professionals and people with hearing loss to bring fresh perspectives on living with hearing loss. At Advanced Audiology Consultants, Dr. Heiman joins with colleagues to “make grand changes in the lives of many” through her work with Hearing the Call — Chicagoland. Through the nonprofit, she gives both her time and services to those who cannot afford hearing healthcare on their own.

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