2023 Focus on
People Awards

Heroic hearing care professionals


Roni Dinkes, AuD

Millersville, MD

Dr. Dinkes is the Director & Senior Clinical Audiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and a passionate advocate for hearing care and hearing health, with a focus on diabetes and hearing loss. A dedicated practitioner, she is also committed to educating the newest generation of medical and hearing healthcare professionals, providing clinical supervision to students from local universities pursuing degrees in Audiology and Speech Pathology and overseeing the clinical rotation of medical students from Johns Hopkins University. As the Maryland State Cohort for the nonprofit Audiology Project, Dr. Dinkes educates and advocates for audiological monitoring of hearing and balance issues caused by chronic disease in podcasts and presentations to local, regional and national professional and community groups.


Michelle Hu, AuD

La Jolla, CA

Dr. Michelle Hu is a pediatric audiologist committed to empowering families and their children to feel confident in making the best choices based upon their unique dynamic and circumstances. She is a mother of three, a military spouse and the creator of @Mama.Hu.Hears, an Instagram and Facebook account where she shares personal glimpses into her own hearing loss journey. She is now a bilateral cochlear implant recipient. Dr. Hu believes that “my personal and professional experiences as a deaf/hard of hearing individual allow me to share, uplift and pay it forward.” Through Mama Hu Hears, she creates a community that supports each other, spreads awareness, brings about amazing conversations and inspires friendships.


Chandace Jeep, AuD

Durango, CO

Dr. Jeep’s passion is working with pediatric patients. She is the Newborn Audiology Regional Coordinator for two birthing hospitals in her community and prides herself on her work with young patients. As a Global Hearing Healthcare Ambassador volunteer with the non‑profit Hearing The Call, she is spearheading the creation of a newborn hearing screening program for the entire country of Zambia, a developing nation of 17 million people with limited access to hearing healthcare. Dr. Jeep travels there often and will be assisting locals in developing a sustainable program within Zambia. Along with five other audiologists, she also helped start Hearing the Call‑Colorado to fit income‑eligible residents with hearing aids, resulting in a lasting legacy both locally and internationally.

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