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Oticon Opn™
in-the-ear hearing aids

Made to fit your ear precisely, Opn in-the-ear hearing aids are the ultimate in personalized hearing care — a perfect blend of elegant design, superior comfort and unparalleled sound quality.



Which Opn in-the-ear hearing aid is best for you?

Your Opn custom hearing aids are expertly crafted for your unique needs and preferences. Which style and options do you prefer? Available in five colors and styles, with a wide range of sound processing and convenience features, Opn in-the-ear hearing aids offer many choices, including invisible hearing aids. Your hearing care professional will consider your hearing loss, anatomy and your cosmetic and handling preferences to help you customize a discreet Opn solution for you. See the chart below for more information on our discreet and invisible hearing aid options.


  • Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids
    Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC)
    • Mild to moderately severe hearing loss

    • Truly invisible hearing aid

  • Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids
    Completely-in-the-canal (CIC)
    • Mild to moderately severe hearing loss

    • Very small and discreet

  • In the Canal hearing aids
    In the Canal
    • Mild to severe hearing loss

    • Small and discreet

    • Additional customized options available

  • Half Shell hearing aids
    Half Shell
    • Mild to severe hearing loss

    • Compact style

    • Fully featured with wireless connectivity to cellphones and other devices

  • Full Shell hearing aids
    Full Shell
    • Mild to severe hearing loss

    • Easy to handle

    • Fully featured with wireless connectivity to cellphones and other devices

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Opn in-the-ear hearing aids give you high-quality 360° open sound

All Opn styles, including the invisible-in-the-canal* hearing aid offer excellent sound quality without compromise, providing you constant access to 360-degree sound. Opn allows you to clearly hear the sounds all around so you can be more active in conversations, even in noisy places**

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* Doran and Dudek 2018, Oticon Tech paper
**Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon
Effect and availability of features varies with hearing aid style and prescription.



Breakthrough Opn technology — Now in ITE!


Make it easy on your brain

Hearing loss makes the brain work harder, so Oticon Opn is designed to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

Explore BrainHearing™ technology

Actively participate in group conversations

Never before available in an in-the-ear hearing aid, Opn's revolutionary sound processing helps you follow conversations in social situations when people are talking at the same time. You still hear the sounds all around you, but speech is clearer and easier to understand.

See how Opn compares to traditional technology

Experience relief from Tinnitus

Tinnitus SoundSupport™ technology is now available in Opn custom solutions. Choose from a variety of customizable sounds, such as white noise or ocean sounds, and play them when you need relief from your symptoms.

Learn more about Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Connect to your phone and devices

Some Oticon Opn in-the-ear hearing aids can function as a high-quality headset for making hands-free phone calls, listening to stereo music, connecting to TVs and more.

Effect and availability of features varies by hearing aid style and prescription.

Learn more about Opn's wireless accessories

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Opn in-the-ear hearing aid support

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