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Amigo FM systems

Adding FM to the classroom is about collaboration: making it easy to use for the teacher while ensuring students benefit from improved listening conditions.

 Amigo FM is designed to work with almost any behind-the-ear hearing aid to help students overcome the effects of distance and noise, so they can put less effort into hearing and concentrate on understanding what is being said.

And now, the popular and versatile Opn BTE13 PP style is FM compatible with a variety of ear-level receivers: the new integrated Amigo R12G2 as well as the universal Amigo R2 or Roger X receivers, via an FM audioshoe.

One complete integrated
classroom FM system

In school and other instructional environments, FM is a well-known and reliable go-to technology. Oticon’s easy and reliable Amigo FM system bridges the distance between teacher and child, and it significantly improves the signal-to-noise level by sending the teacher’s voice directly to the child’s ears.

The FM system comprises:

  •   A microphone plugged into a belt-clip transmitter
  •   A receiver

With an FM system, the teacher wears a microphone to capture their voice, and the signal is then sent via the transmitter to the receiver, which is typically clipped onto the child's behind-the-ear hearing aids. Virtually all Oticon BTE models are FM-compatible ”out of the box” making it easy for children’s hearing aids to integrate into the FM system utilized by their school. And now, all Opn BTE13 PP style instruments are compatible with clip-on Oticon Amigo FM receivers and other FM classroom systems, too!

Using Streamer Pro
If you use the ConnectLine Streamer Pro Bluetooth accessory with your Oticon hearing aids, a number of popular thimble-sized universal FM receivers can be plugged directly to the Streamer Pro, streaming FM to both ears with only one receiver. We recommend that you use the Amigo R2 universal FM receiver.



Amigo FM — benefits at every level

Better speech understanding

Clear, authentic sound quality for optimum speech understanding and with improved speech recognition with Oticon Sensei's VoicePriority i

Discreet integrated receivers

Small integrated ear-level receivers attach securely to Oticon Opn, Sensei, and many other Oticon BTEs

Full compatibility

Fully compatible with hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone-anchored solutions


Intuitive and easy to use with simple, on-the-spot programming - no need for PCs and extra cables

Highly reliable

– a LED indicator on the receiver confirms that the child is receiving the FM signal, which helps both teacher and child

Robust and built to last

The Amigo FM’s ear-level receivers have the lowest power consumption of any available FM system



Oticon Opn and Sensei hearing aids — the ideal FM partners

Children acquire significant learning from each other in and out of the classroom — both from direct conversations and from incidental learning. The advanced processing of OpenSound Navigator in Opn and Sensei’s SpeechGuard E are designed to help children and teens keep up with their peers even in the most varied and demanding environments.

Combining Opn or Sensei with Amigo FM transmitters and integrated or universal ear-level Amigo receivers removes not only classroom challenges of distance from the teacher’s voice and interfering background noise, but also provides a cosmetic and reliable solution.

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Amigo FM receivers

Amigo offers a variety of ear-level receivers that securely interlock at the bottom of Oticon hearing aids. The shape of the new R12G2 receiver for Opn as well as the R12 receiver for Sensei (fits most other Oticon BTEs) seamlessly integrates with the contours of the hearing aid, becoming one unit. This design offers not only a more cosmetic appearance but adds a high degree of security for active children.

  • amigo-fm-secure-connection

    Secure connection

    Amigo FM receivers attach to the bottom of behind-the-ear hearing aids. No tools are required. Amigo receivers come in a wide range of colors to match the hearing aids.

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  • amigo-fm-reliable


    The receiver is part of a highly reliable system.  A LED indicator provides instant confirmation that the child is receiving the FM signal making it easier for both teachers and children to work with.

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    Wide FM Compatibility

    Amigo FM receivers work with virtually all currently available FM transmitters. This gives you complete freedom of choice when selecting the optimal hearing aids for your child.

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Amigo FM transmitters

Teachers want to spend their time on teaching – not on trying to decipher complex FM systems. Amigo transmitters make life easy. They simply turn on the transmitter, clip on the microphone and begin teaching. The transmitters send the teacher’s voice directly to the pupil, overcoming the effects of noise, distance and reverberation that can make it hard for children to hear.


Amigo Star — a new star in school

Amigo Star is the latest evolution of the Amigo FM family, designed to help normal hearing children with listening difficulties concentrate better in class.

  • Comfortable and discreet: available in a range of colors, with tansparent tubes and domes in various sizes

  • Easy and intuitive to use: fit it to the ear, sync and start

  • Easy to clean, hygenic and cost effective, with inexpensive replacement parts

  • Excellent sound quality to promote easy acceptance

  • Volume control can be disabled for younger children

  • Like all Amigo receivers, LED status indicator confirms system is on and FM signal is being received

  • Robust and durable, with IP 57 classification for water resistance

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