Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Manage tinnitus with sound

Millions of people worldwide experience tinnitus, including many with hearing loss. The fact is, just wearing a hearing aid can help relieve tinnitus.


Expand your tinnitus toolbox with Opn™

Oticon Opn’s ultra-fast signal processing delivers a superior sound quality, providing the brain with what it needs to make sense of sound. Proven to reduce listening effort in challenging situations, Opn can help to reduce stress, which is a common tinnitus trigger.

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This proven sound generator technology is now integrated into all Oticon Opn hearing aids in all styles and performance levels. Select from a wide range of customizable tinnitus relief sounds that are dynamic, yet soothing — including broadband sounds (white, pink and red noise) and natural, ocean-like sounds.

You have a choice of four modulation options to further adjust broadband sounds for your patient's personal preferences. What’s more, users can discreetly adjust the sounds using their iPhone or Android device, whenever needed.

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A comprehensive tinnitus package

Our evidence-based tinnitus counseling package was developed in collaboration with world-renowned tinnitus experts. It gives a thorough introduction to tinnitus management, combining practical patient information with counseling and education tools. From beautiful educational graphics complete with counselling scripts, to take-home introductory user guides, these materials will provide valuable support throughout the tinnitus treatment journey.

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Oticon ON App for flexibility and customization

The Oticon ON App gives users the flexibility to adjust relief sounds to meet their individual needs and preferences.



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