Music, phone, computer and TV: Now your hearing device does so much more.

With the latest generation of hearing devices and home electronics, technologies are converging to make sound and information more accessible than ever.

We live in an age when we are surrounded with information, art and entertainment. It’s literally in the air, transmitted by all the electronic devices that populate our lives. TV, smartphones, car and home audio systems, and portable music players—nearly all of these gadgets use built-in wireless communications to make your life more convenient and interesting.

These sources of information and connection are vitally important for keeping engaged with loved ones and with the world around you...if you can hear them, that is.


Overcoming the challenges of connectivity

Until recently, the challenge has been finding a simple way for these devices to connect with your hearing instruments. You’d think this would be easy, right? But the electronics in your hearing instruments are designed to work very differently than the electronics in your home computer or smartphone, and there hasn’t been a simple way to connect. For many years, the only connections available for hearing devices have been such technologies as the T-coil for telephone use and other direct, hard-wired connections to sound sources.

Today, with the latest generation of hearing instruments and with the presence of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth™ in everyday electronic devices, staying in touch has become a much easier, and higher quality experience.


ConnectLine™ connects you to the world

 The best example of a state-of-the-art connectivity solution for hearing instruments is Oticon’s ConnectLine system. This system delivers on the promise of direct, wireless connection between your Oticon hearing instruments and the electronic sound sources in your life. It’s easy to use, delivers great sound, and adds a new level of convenience to your hearing experience.

ConnectLine’s main component is a body-worn wireless hub called the Streamer that connects your hearing instruments with all the various electronic devices around you. The Streamer, about the size of small TV remote, connects effortlessly to devices like smartphones that have built-in Bluetooth wireless capabilities. It’s also compatible with Oticon adapters for TV and landline phones that don’t typically have Bluetooth built-in.

Either way, the Streamer connects to each source, switches easily from one source to another when needed, and even lets you control the volume you hear through your instruments. For hands-free phone calls, it also picks up and transmits your voice to the person you’re speaking with over the phone. 

ConnectLine gives you better sound tuned to your unique hearing profile and more control over the listening experience as well. It makes it easier for you to share TV with your family and friends by giving you your own sound channel with your own volume control. And, it extends the range at which you can hear TV, audio, telephone and other signals: you can answer the phone at the touch of a button on Streamer and have a conversation from another room other than where the phone is.You can even keep listening to a TV show as you go to the kitchen for a snack.

Invisible sophistication

It took Oticon, with more than a hundred years of experience studying how people deal with hearing loss in a complex world, to understand — and solve — the technical and ergonomic challenges presented by the web of electronics in the modern home. Although ConnectLine uses a variety of sophisticated wireless technologies, the complexity is invisible to you. Controls are simple, and commands are usually done with the push of a single button. Using ConnectLine doesn’t shorten the battery life of your hearing instruments, either. Like the best examples of consumer technology, once it’s set up, ConnectLine “just works”. 

If you’re getting fitted for your first pair of hearing instruments, or if you’re getting ready to upgrade to new Oticon technology, you may be wondering whether you need to plan for adding ConnectLine right away. The good news is that ConnectLine capability is built into almost all newer Oticon products, and you can add ConnectLine at any time.


Take control over the things that make life more enjoyable

As you deal with hearing loss, you’re probably also dealing with the feeling that it’s robbing you of many things that make life rich and enjoyable: music, everyday conversation, TV, and phone calls. We’re lucky in this modern age that so many of these things are more accessible, thanks to the wireless communications capabilities built into today’s information tools. With ConnectLine, your hearing instruments can help you participate even more actively in your everyday life.

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