The world is a noisy place

The world is getting busier, more crowded and noisier. Understanding conversations, especially in the presence of noise, is more difficult than ever. Combine that fact with a lifetime of exposure to loud music, and noisy working environments, and you have a recipe for difficult speech understanding. A boost in your existing hearing ability can do wonders to improve your speech understanding and make a positive and immediate difference in your life.


Help from the professionals

Hearing care professionals are highly qualified at guiding people through the adjustment process. With hearing devices, listening becomes much easier most of the time. However, noisy environments can still present a challenge. During follow-up appointments, hearing care professionals can provide practical recommendations about how to cope in difficult listening situations. They can also make adjustments to the hearing device settings if necessary.

Hearing in noise

Hearing in noise can be difficult, even for people who don’t have a hearing loss. Conversations in a restaurant, talking at a basketball game or even trying to hear while the water is running are difficult for anybody. It’s useful to have a few tricks up one’s sleeve when encountering such situations! There are some easy ways to deal with the most common noisy situations. It is a good idea to avoid standing near a noise source (radio, TV). It’s also a good idea to avoid communicating from separate rooms; face to face contact makes talking much easier. Finally, keep in mind that listening in noise is even more difficult when you are tired.


Practice makes perfect

And last, but not least, practice makes perfect!

Hearing devices pick up many sounds — some wanted, some unwanted. Separating the noise from the conversation can be tricky at first, but as each day passes, focusing becomes easier. Two good exercises are to practice talking with a friend outdoors and practice following a conversation in a moderately busy restaurant. With practice, tangible improvements can be achieved within weeks. There are lots of benefits — easier communication with friends and family, increased self confidence, and more energy to enjoy the good things in life. Even family and friends will notice the difference!

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