Concerned about your loved one's hearing?


How to convince a loved one to do something about their hearing loss

It’s seldom as easy as saying, “Hey, let’s go shopping today... for hearing aids.” Trying to nudge, cajole and maneuver a loved one into addressing a hearing problem can be a daunting task for a variety of reasons.

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Walking the fine line between coping and dependency

How to get your loved one beyond the dead-end strategy of coping, then take responsibility and seek help.

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The top ten excuses for not buying a hearing device

Here are some of the more common ways people avoid getting help, and how you, the caregiver, can address them.

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Helping someone adapt to new hearing instruments

First experiences with hearing instruments can be challenging. Your coaching skills are the key to long-term success.

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Coping with someone who's coping with hearing loss

Making the journey to better hearing might take some tough love.

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The psychology of aging and hearing loss

What you need to know to help a loved one make the journey back and re-engage with life.

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Now your hearing device does so much more.

With the latest generation of hearing devices and home electronics, technologies are converging to make sound and information more accessible than ever.

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  • Get support

    Learn how to clean your hearing aid, change your batteries, replace domes and more

  • Check your hearing

    Think that you may have hearing loss?  Take the first step and complete this short evaluation.

  • Ringing in your ears?

    What is tinnitus, why do some people get it, and what can be done to relieve symptoms?

  • Find a professional

    A hearing care professional can check your hearing and determine a treatment that is right for you.