Using your miniRITE R rechargeable hearing aids


Tips and tricks to get the most out of your rechargeables

Your hearing aids are an integral part of your hearing health. Keeping them in tip-top shape and using them properly ensures they last longer and operate efficiently. This mini-guide will help you get started with the basic functions of your Oticon More™, Oticon Opn S™, Opn Play™ and Oticon Ruby miniRITE R rechargeable hearing aids, ensuring they work optimally for you every time you want – and need – to wear them.

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    Inserting your hearing aids into the miniRITE R charger

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    Powering the lithium-ion charger for best results

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    Drying your hearing aids using a Dri Aid kit

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    Pairing your miniRITE R with the TV Adapter

Inserting your hearing aids into the miniRITE R charger

When you’re ready to charge your hearing aids (always fully charge before first-time use), follow these easy step-by-step instructions.


You’ll know that your charger is working and plugged into the wall socket correctly when the green light in the front is lit up (see image).


Place your hearing aids in the charger so the speakers fall into the little shelf on the back of the charger (see image).

Check to be sure you have matched the red-tipped speaker with the red dot and the blue-tipped speaker with the blue dot on the charger. (If custom power molds are attached, look for red/blue serial numbers.)


Your hearing aid lights should turn on when placed in the charger (see front view in step 1). Red/orange = charging, green = fully charged. A fully drained hearing aid will be charged in three hours. The charging process stops when your hearing aids are fully charged, so you can feel free to leave them in the charger when not in use.


If you don’t see lights on your hearing aids, try following these steps again to ensure you’ve placed them correctly in the charger.


Powering the lithium-ion charger for best results

To power the lithium-ion charger, simply insert the USB plug into the power plug, and the power plug into a wall socket. You’ll know it’s working when the green light in front turns on.

Ensure your charger is always connected to a power source when your hearing aids are placed in it. Otherwise your hearing aids will turn on and their batteries will begin to drain.


tips-v3 TIP

For optimal performance, the charger should be connected directly to a wall socket.




Drying your hearing aids using a Dri-Aid kit

Because of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it’s important to keep your miniRITE R hearing aids dry and out of extreme temperatures. We recommend the following if your hearing aids get sweaty or wet, especially during the humid conditions of summer.

  • Traditional Dri-Aid systems – These systems come with a sealed container and desiccant, which easily removes damaging moisture. They’re quite affordable but can take some time to dry hearing aids completely.

  • PerfectDry Lux® – This hearing aid dehumidifier system both disinfects and dries your hearing aids in about 30 minutes.


tips-v3 TIP

For best results, after using the PerfectDry Lux®, let your hearing aids cool down for about 15 minutes before recharging them.

Don’t forget to allow for recharging time after you dry your hearing aids.


Pairing your miniRITE R with the TV Adapter

To pair the TV Adapter box with your miniRITE R hearing aids, follow these important steps:

  1. Turn your hearing aids off. Press and hold the lower part of the push button for approximately 3 seconds (until the light turns red). You’ll know your hearing aid is off when you hear 4 descending tones.
  2. Turn your hearing aids back on. Press and hold the lower part of the push button for approximately 2 seconds (until the light turns green). You’ll know it’s on when the startup jingle plays.
  3. Pair with the TV Adapter. Just place the hearing aids on top of the TV Adapter to pair the devices. You'll know pairing is complete when the pairing indicator light on the TV Adapter turns blue.
  4. Complete pairing. To complete pairing, leave hearing aids on top of the TV Adapter until the power indicator light turns red (if the TV is turned off) or green (if the TV is on). Then you’re all set!

tips-v3 TIP

Unlike other products, there’s no need to open and close the battery door on the miniRITE R hearing aid.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can enjoy optimal hearing health with your Oticon miniRITE R devices.

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